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Supporting member jannabanna Real name: Janet
Self introduction: I’m British and have been living and teaching English in France since 1981. I’ve just retired but still teach at home and I also offer “home study language courses” here in my country home in the south-west of France. http://efl-fle-chezvous.monsite-orange.fr/ I also share my worksheets on eslprintables.com and you’ll find some on busyteacher.org too. I’ve uploaded several videos on YOUTUBE so subscribe to my page to see the others: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gL8O2cPGHYI
Teaching philosophy: Just make it interesting and fun especially for young adults and children. If the exercise bores me it’ll bore them too! Get them to personalize the situations and exercises in role-plays.

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Last login: 2015-08-28 12:56:45

Personal Information:
Hastings, UK (now live in France) 
Reading, gym, swimming 
Favorite music:
Favorite movies:
TV shows:
Favorite books:
Christian Signol 
Favorite teaching quotes:
Favorite teachers' books:
Cutting Edge & Headway for adults.
Grammar One, Two, Three & Four - OUP - for children.
Favorite teachers' movies:

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