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2017-03-14 09:02:57
Fantastic worksheet very well prepared. Helps to know one of the best known stories and gives a lot of practice. Thank you very much :)
2017-01-08 22:13:04
I really like this WS. Firstly, I used it 2 years ago with some of my pre-inter students. As they seemed pretty engaged, I tried again last Christmas with different groups. We read the story, completed some of the exercises and discussed other Christmas stories they know and like. We also described the pictures.
2016-12-28 23:28:01
This is the type of activity that saves your life the last day at school before Christmas. I do it every year and it is always a success. And, of course, it is timeless.
2016-12-22 13:38:44
2016-12-13 04:49:01
Thank you very much for the my students to learn more interesting about Christmas and let them read a very famous story in a simple way which could encourage them to get more imaginary and learn more to do good and be moral. Thanks so so much for a nice worksheet.
2016-10-06 01:55:34
This was EXTREMELY helpful for my intermediate students, who are taking mainstream Language Arts along with English Language Learning. Last year, these students read the original "Christmas Carol" in their Language Arts class, and this simplified text and exercises (read in our ELL class) scaffolded their learning.
2016-10-03 15:19:11
Interesting way to use the past tense. I will use it at the end of the year to speak about Christmas and rewiew the grammar. I will prepare some exercises about the vocabulary employed in the text too
2016-08-27 19:10:08
Today some students do not like to read the classics. And this is a great exercise to share the real meaning of reading with them. They loved to know Charles Dickens.
2016-08-10 08:08:55
This was a fantastic worksheet that I've used for a Christmas-themed lessons, with groups and individual learners. Some of them have never heard of The Christmas Carol, so it worked great together with bits of the movie, other grammar and vocab activities. This gave a good overall comprehension to the students whose English is at an elementary level.
2016-03-08 05:18:49
I really liked this worksheet because it was a very informative and effective way of teaching the classic "Christmas Carol" story. It is best suited for intermediate level students but can also be taught to beginner level students.

I used it around Christmas time as it was appropriate and good context for a Christmas based lesson.
2017-05-15 14:38:31
2017-05-07 23:44:40
Thanks. Doing some work on past tense and Dickens. This has both. Great
2017-04-23 14:17:28
2017-03-23 15:29:04
Thank you!! Great idea to combine a grammar exercise with the reading of a famous story that adds to the students' general knowledge.
2017-03-05 16:57:45
you are a life saver. THanks so much!
2016-12-13 04:16:00
This is the first time I have taught A Christmas Carol, and I have several ESL students in my class, as well as struggling readers. The simplified format that you provide makes the content accessible to all of my students. I love the questions and activities that you have included with each section.Thank you!!
2015-12-09 11:31:58
the word 'SCROOGE' came up by chance during a lesson with my B2 level students.rnI explained the origins which of course led to "Let's read some Dickens!" rnWhat better time of year than December? rnThanks for this great, comprehensive intro to Dickens' Scrooge! The students are really enjoying it!
2015-11-17 20:50:43
Thanks a lot. I find this adaptation really ggod for my students who will enjoy a classic of British literature in a easy way. I'm an Italian teacher of English and I appreciate your job. Hope to find some file more from you, in the future.
2016-11-24 16:53:31
My download version has very dark blue in the task sections - not as shown on the site! Can this background colour be changed? It promises to be a useful resource for my students but I cannot use it in its current format.
2016-12-04 21:15:26
This is wonderful!! I'm a special education teacher for a middle school in MN and very much looking forward to using this with my students to increase their comprehension skills. Thanks again!! Karen
2016-12-23 14:57:15
Thank you so much! My students loved it! In fact, they did not know much about Dickens'short story and got the chance to learn a lot not only about generosity but also about a great British writer!!!
2016-12-21 14:43:39
Hi reginaze,rnrnI'd like to say thank you for sharing your wonderfully adapted short version of the Christmas Carol! rnSharing is caring,rnthanks for this present,rnluney from Austria, Europe
2016-12-12 16:47:12
Thanks! I had to put together a holiday packet and I have some higher level readings of a Christmas Carol for a close read, but wanted them to hear the whole story first. This is awesome!
2015-12-06 04:45:21
Thank you so much for this resource. I am an HOD and have been frantic doing department things and not had time to do things for my own classes. So I truly appreciate your sharing! :)
2016-11-16 16:53:37
Dear author,rnThank you very much for the amazing worksheet you made. It really helps me teaching English as a foreign language and it helps my students to understand better as well.
2016-12-21 12:49:52
Thank you very much. I was at my wits end to know what to do with a group of schoolchildren in their last lesson of term and you came to the rescue! I hope you have a great Xmas.
2016-12-13 10:32:39
Thank you for this amazing worksheet. I was looking for a simplified version of this story for a Christmas game with my students and I got extra ideas from you. Great job :)
2015-12-10 08:11:41
Thanks a lot just what I needed! going to use it in a conversation group with mixed level Russian students, in conjunction with the 1971 cartoon version of the story,
2016-12-15 18:10:39
This is an excellent worksheet!! I love all the reading and the exercises are a perfect fit. Please send my anything you make-such a blessing for teachers like me!
2016-12-09 13:13:57
Great worksheet to introduce this classic story to learners, giving good comprehension skills at the same time. Just the level I was thinking of! Thanks so much
2016-12-05 07:48:34
A really helpful summary with useful exercises. I'll be using this near Barcelona, Spain, to give my stronger kids a bit of a challenge. Thanks!rnrnKai
2016-12-02 20:50:36
I appreciate this condensed version so much! I have taught A Christmas Carol several times, but always needed a more condensed version. Many Thanks!
2015-11-30 12:11:59
I wanted to teach my students a Christmas idiom, and decided on "Bah, humbug!" This worksheet will fit with that perfectly for my beginners! Thanks.
2016-12-19 00:27:03
It's a simple but still beautiful retelling. I am using it in the lesson before showing the movie to give students an understanding of the story.
2016-12-21 17:41:06
A super worksheet to make younger students of English as a foreign language getting to know this famous work of Dickens. Merry Christmas to you !
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reginaze is from/lives in Austria and has been a member of iSLCollective since 2011-11-13 13:01:27. reginaze last logged in on 2017-01-14 11:39:25, and has shared 68 resources on iSLCollective so far.
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