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2016-02-11 21:37:10
This is a solid worksheet with good information about a difficult skill for younger students. It is nice that other people share! My students loved the pictures because they were engaging and colorful.
2017-05-22 11:05:45
Thanks a lot.
2017-04-26 16:53:16
Thanks for sharing. It's real useful for my class!
2017-04-23 22:21:38
2017-04-21 15:40:59
thank you very much
2017-03-29 03:21:32
Thanks a lot! :)
2017-02-02 12:44:26
thank you so much for giving us these materials for free. I am a teacher here in the Philippines and these materials will help my 6th grader .....
2016-02-14 04:39:49
This is a great resource for some of my lower students! Thank you for providing a simple worksheet to help reinforce the skills.
2016-04-26 02:31:20
This is a great job!! Thanks for this amazing worksheet, students enjoy learning with this material.
2012-06-29 17:18:29
Thank you! Spotted a spelling mistake - skilful should be skillful but it was easy to ammend.
2014-03-20 17:51:08
Thank you. I always like your photo. I supposed they are your daughters. They are pretty.
2016-12-20 02:53:22
Thank you so much for making something so colorful and appropriate for younger writers.
2016-11-02 16:37:18
I adore this kind of worksheets, colorful and at the same time you learn, thanks!
2016-01-17 13:29:32
Along with reinforcing adverbs, it also enhances the vocabulary of the students.
2016-10-15 12:35:44
thanks, very useful... lots of practice and cool graphics...
2017-03-05 08:33:23
Thank you very much. This is lovely and definitely helpful.
2015-06-21 00:35:08
2015-09-15 07:07:18
I've been looking for this worksheet for days) thanx)
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Married with two daughters. Teach in a public school - primary level
Married with two daughters. Teach in a public school - primary level
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