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2015-12-13 20:12:34
Thank you very much it was very useful for me :)
I need it for my students they enjoy it. for practising to be its a good worksheet exercise. thanks for publishing it here.
2017-02-16 23:47:57
I like this kind of worksheet it includes different options so students can understand it better...thanks
2017-02-12 16:14:51
Thank you so much for sharing. It's awesome.
2017-01-25 07:39:58
Thank you so much.
2017-01-17 19:36:29
Thank you for your work. I love this one.
2017-01-17 06:15:59
This exercise is very helpful for children to learn basics of English. We can assess their understanding capacity.
2014-06-25 08:25:12
dear peter,rnrnpl give me some time. I am also involved in a \"faith\" based work.rnwill donate in due course. thank you so much for sharing your resourcesrnrnregards,rnandrewleong s crnMalaysia
2016-05-15 15:04:08
Thank you for your incredible work and dedication in assisting us with worksheets and ideas to improve our lessons and teaching skills.
2016-12-14 08:35:50
Thank you for such a great worksheet! This one helps me a lot when I teach present simple tense for the young students.
2016-10-23 10:08:53
is anybody else having problems downloading this? It won't do it, when I click download it opens a new irrelevant tab.
2016-04-27 08:22:10
Thanks! I´ll use this with my student who needs frequent repetition with how to use am-is-are and have/has.
2017-01-10 03:13:28
Thank you very much this is going to help my struggling students, it was just what I have been looking for.
2016-02-22 10:53:12
Thank you for this lovely worksheet. It will serve as an excellent practice page for my little pupils!
2016-09-01 10:35:10
Thanks a lot. It is a useful material for my children to practice and enjoy working them.
2016-03-14 10:08:14
Thank you for this colourful and fun exercise sheet! My adult students love them!
2016-09-27 02:15:42
Thank you for this insightful worksheet. It is really student friendly.
2016-09-21 07:49:11
Thank you for your kindly sharing ! rnIt'll help my students a lot :D
2016-08-30 18:37:46
Thank you as I'm using this with my BLA students in middle school.
2017-01-05 01:34:44
Thank you so mush for the AWESOME worksheet! From Amy in LA
2016-03-06 14:36:28
Thanks a lot for your useful and time-saving activities!
2016-04-05 23:48:06
Very helpful resources. Thanks.rnGreetengs from Ecuador.
2014-06-11 05:03:29
very usefull specially for my newbies. Thank you so much
2016-09-22 04:14:03
thank you very much. Very useful. Much appreciated.
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I used to be an English teacher, but I am retired now.
I used to be an English teacher, but I am retired now.
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