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2017-04-25 07:01:36
I like this exercise because we can compare the verb to be in present tense in their three forms: is, am, are. And we can practice the modal verb "have/has" with the examples.
2016-02-15 10:36:12
This worksheet is very helpfull.
My children love this worksheet with bright colour, nice pictures and easy to understand.
Lots of thanks to the author.
Great Job!!
2017-03-22 01:05:36
Thank you for this worksheet. Lots of interesting graphics. Regina
2017-03-01 18:23:46
2016-12-22 09:46:13
nice .Thanks
2016-12-16 01:43:39
2016-11-27 17:03:46
2016-06-22 12:37:21
This is a cool worksheet, i use it with my Ss a lot, and they all like it, thank you for making them for us.
2015-06-29 04:59:32
Thanks for sharing this worksheet.. It's very usefull.. Kep working! Two thumbs for you! :)
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