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2017-03-14 07:17:48
The kids loved this one, we just finished a jungle animal vocabulary list. They got to practice the names of the animals in English, but also got to say their names in their native tongue and share it with each other. I would recommend this one for younger or beginner level students.
2017-02-10 21:05:56
Thank you for your great work! My students loved this very special crossword with lots of lovely pictures, and it helped them that the words to choose from were written somewhere (on the margin).
2017-01-27 11:05:38
Great worksheet for helping children recognise animal names and practise spellings. Suitable for children of all ages at beginner level. My class really enjoyed it!
2016-12-14 09:19:12
I used it with grade 5 and kids really enjoyed doing the worksheet!I think the variety of animals and the colorful pictures are great for young learners,its just great!
2016-11-16 17:49:41
It's colourful and funny. My pupils enjoyed it very much. It's interesting for them because of the pictures. I like it myself. Children find it amusing. Thank you.
2016-10-19 02:25:16
various kind of animal can be learned in one sheet. it is applicable for beginner students. I like to demonstrate how to fill the crosswords by encouraging them to solve the problem
2016-10-01 20:39:50
It's very colorfull and my students can learn animals. I have used as a game in which the student who guess where the animal was the wrote the Word on the board
2016-09-26 15:56:17
i like this one because it is a fun way to practice spelling and animals. kids love it. i used with primaruy students but i have found that adolescents also like this kind of exercises because it is a different way to work with them.
2016-08-26 08:18:13
this owrksheet was invaluable with the a middle school class. It again prompted much oral discussion due to its clourful presentation. made a dent in my colour copying budget for the term but it was worth it. Written language after was again good and all children focussed and on task as they had something to write about. This helped alot. Thankyou.
2016-08-23 06:03:37
goo challenge for early learners, can consume quite a bit of time, good for group activities or an individual task. helps students deal with a broad range of names.
2017-05-26 12:40:55
it is really useful rnthx a lotrn
2017-05-25 13:04:19
Thank you so muchhhhhhh
2017-05-25 12:14:29
It is great! I got a lot of pleasure doing this activity. It is funny, interesting and attractive at the same time.
2017-05-24 12:59:48
thank you...
2015-11-18 19:24:28
I^m deeply grateful for the material you `ve been sharing. It`s really motivating to see how colleagues from different places in the world can make wonderful, encouraging and attractive resources and above all these teachers are humble enough to lhelp others to enhance the lessons and do abetter job. Thans so much.
2016-05-21 21:46:38
Thank you again - you have made my day also with this crossword. I love animals, I don't eat meat, I am against slaughterhouses and for making people more familiar with animals already from childhood. Your crosswords also can help with it.;)rnrnPrimary school teacher from Polandrnrn
2016-03-28 00:30:09
This worksheet is really usefull. I used it with my kids and they really love it. Because of the pictures, colours and because crosswords are funny. Also, I practice spelling with the vocabulary and it helped to my kids. Thanks for sharing!
2016-01-07 13:50:04
This is a good worksheet but with one exception. You should put the choice of Giant Panda on the wordlist because most students wouldn't think of putting the word giant in front of panda to make the secret message work.
2015-08-15 15:13:49
Great worksheet ! My pupils have really enjoyed filling it in, it was really helpful for them, they could test their memory in a different context after learning their vocabulary.
2015-12-05 08:39:42
Thanks for this one, too! Love the lion's hairdo :D! rnVery nice to have the words colourcoded on the same page, so the child can check their own work!! Thanks from Italy, Nicole
2016-11-25 16:11:24
Very nice worksheet I'll use it to teach my niece some animal names. it's colorful and friendly with cute animals pictures. Everything little girl should love!
2016-01-07 13:56:18
What I meant to say in my previous comment was that most of my students didn't see the word giant before panda and didn't realize they went together.
2015-03-25 21:42:59
I've been workin with a girl for 3 month. Recently I discovered that she was fond of the animals! Thank you for another informative activity for!
2016-06-21 11:04:05
This is the first time I reach on this site. It's so amazing to me. I am teaching my niece and these worksheet helps the lesson more interesting.
2015-10-15 13:03:24
thank you for this bright and cheerful worksheet and comprehensive animal vocabulary list. i have used it before and my kids love it.
2017-02-06 19:55:16
I'm trying to help my son , he is in reception class , Your paper setting is really great with fun activities. Thank you so much.
2016-06-07 15:15:55
Nice worksheet. I needed to revise the animals vocabulary with my pupils and this crossword is just what they needed! thx a lot
2016-02-18 20:09:33
Hello! I am English teacher in Spain and we are learning animals. They loved the activity!! My first graders were so excited!
2017-04-18 17:47:13
Thank you so much for this worksheet. I will use it for an English Camp and I'm sure that my students will love it.
2016-05-09 02:24:51
This is the best material to children I have found in the internet...of course adults can learn a lot too.
2015-10-11 16:47:44
Thank you very much. I'm new in the school and desperately looking to find fun activities. This is great!
2016-06-20 03:29:40
This is a very useful worksheet for teachers. It was designed beautifully, Thanks the author so much,
2015-05-03 15:29:54
404. Sorry, there’s an error. The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
2016-09-28 08:25:00
It's a perfect work. I will use it to encourage my students "solve the puzzle and get the award"
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