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2016-10-19 02:25:16
various kind of animal can be learned in one sheet. it is applicable for beginner students. I like to demonstrate how to fill the crosswords by encouraging them to solve the problem
2016-10-01 20:39:50
It's very colorfull and my students can learn animals. I have used as a game in which the student who guess where the animal was the wrote the Word on the board
2016-09-26 15:56:17
i like this one because it is a fun way to practice spelling and animals. kids love it. i used with primaruy students but i have found that adolescents also like this kind of exercises because it is a different way to work with them.
2016-08-26 08:18:13
this owrksheet was invaluable with the a middle school class. It again prompted much oral discussion due to its clourful presentation. made a dent in my colour copying budget for the term but it was worth it. Written language after was again good and all children focussed and on task as they had something to write about. This helped alot. Thankyou.
2016-08-23 06:03:37
goo challenge for early learners, can consume quite a bit of time, good for group activities or an individual task. helps students deal with a broad range of names.
2016-06-17 04:55:45
this worksheet is very nice. It's useful for my student. It's make me happy in my classroom. The student like to do this worksheet and happy to do it. thank you very much.
2016-05-31 10:32:48
I love the simplicity of this crossword and also the beautiful presentation. Great colors and pictures. It catches the eye and captures the interest of the student. Good work and thanks for sharing!
2016-05-02 18:44:52
This activity was a great complement to the ESL unit on animals! The illustrations are cute and appealing. I used it as an extra activity for students who were finished before others. It was perfect for Grades 3 and 4 second language.
2016-04-05 03:48:03
I am an English teacher and I like this animal crosswords. My children on kindergartner and primary school really like it, because they can also coloring the animals. I printed it in gray by the way. Thank u. warm regards
2016-03-10 19:38:47
I have a beginners English class and they really enjoyed this. I have some students who need to build more vocab so this really helped. I thought the giant panda could have been on one line though, as they were searching for a giant! :D :D
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2016-10-17 22:02:50
hi, amazing worksheet, engaging and visually attractive for kids. Way to go!rnThanks
2016-10-16 04:26:56
thaks a lot
2016-10-14 16:43:26
thank you so much!
2016-10-04 20:02:34
Wonderful ...
2016-10-03 20:24:57
thank you
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I'm also a member of ESLPrintables.
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