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2015-08-25 09:47:43
this worksheet is really good for absolute beginner students of all ages. While the secret message is a little complex to understand/explain the numbers, the pictures and the animal names allow for a successful completion of the task, thus given the student a sense of satisfaction when finished. Well done!
2015-08-06 14:55:30
This worksheet is great!
It was really useful to teach vocabulary about animals and after complete and correct the crossword I could do a small conversation with the kids about their animals preferences.
I used it in my classes and my students love it!
2015-07-06 06:39:04
It is great worksheet for young learners,
I used it for young learners for the spelling about the animals names.
Thank you^^ also it is good idea for teaching them about animals
2015-10-11 16:47:44
Thank you very much. I'm new in the school and desperately looking to find fun activities. This is great!
2015-09-29 22:23:53
Thanks for sharing your material is very attractive and appealing for little children
2015-09-29 14:34:12
Lovely crossword. Thanks.
2015-09-26 17:53:36
Thanks for sharing! ;)
2015-09-09 21:06:40
Thank you! Great resource, very useful.
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I'm also a member of ESLPrintables.
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