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2016-09-21 07:51:45
This worksheet was appropriate for my aims and objectives of the lesson that I had done. It also shows the difference between type 1 and 2 in a very clear way. It is to the point.
2016-06-21 11:20:47
Thank you very much for your worksheet. Yours is very simple to understand. It make my students understand about conditionals sentences type 1 - 2, and it is very colorful worksheet. I like it too much.
2017-02-13 17:33:41
Thanks a lot! I really love it.
2017-02-08 13:45:52
2017-02-01 20:30:29
Thank you!!
2017-01-31 11:34:33
Thank you so much, this was really helpful!
2017-01-30 14:25:18
thanks for a very useful hanout
2016-12-14 10:15:56
I think this is great to do a revision on the conditional forms. We looked at the environment yesterday so it ties in nicely. thanks !!!
2015-11-08 11:38:08
Thanks a lot, my students will have to think not only about the grammar, but also about the environmental problems:-)
2016-07-19 03:08:46
Bravo. It helps a lot in solving my students' problem of understanding the conditionals :)
2016-03-14 05:22:22
It's a great material! Thank you so much for your effort on this worksheet! It's great!
2016-05-03 23:10:54
Thanks a lot for your work hard and also i ll work hard to study on yours works.
2013-04-22 18:37:38
Great exercise practising conditionals and environmental problems. Well done!
2016-11-23 16:33:24
I like this worksheet because it helped my students a lot with revision.
2016-06-23 21:19:53
Very interesting and useful for learning about environmental problems!!
2016-06-02 23:51:08
Thank you "LoveTeaching" for your efforts and for sharing your work.
2017-01-16 09:06:14
Perfect! Conditionals+ actual topic+ enviroment vocabulary. Thanks!
2013-11-01 17:39:11
so great! It is just what I need for my students. thank you a lot.
2015-07-07 01:21:41
thanks for the worksheet...appreciate your effort and creativity
2016-10-28 04:44:24
Great worksheet. Really useful for all primary levels. Cheers!
2016-03-04 22:16:41
thank you very much for sharing thic activity. It's great!
2016-05-17 03:07:39
thank you,it helped me teach the conditional in a cute way
2015-07-23 02:42:46
Thank you for this worksheet. It's exactly what I needed.
2015-11-09 06:51:25
great grammar practice for my unit "Environment"! Thanks
2015-11-04 07:36:46
Great exercise, I like it very much.rnThanks a lot :)
2016-09-13 20:30:17
I really appreciate it. it was very helpful. cheers
2013-02-02 19:20:05
Thank you, a lovely exercise with great vocabulary.
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I'm also a member of eslprintables. I go by the nickname "cagreis".

I'm also a member of eslprintables. I go by the nickname "cagreis".

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