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2015-04-06 13:51:46
There are glaring errors in this work. Dress up should be get dressed, take the breakfast should be take breakfast or better eat breakfast, meet the friends simply meet friends, take the bus to home should read take the bus home and arrive the to the house should be arrive at the house or better arrive home. There are a couple of others that are barely acceptable. This is a good worksheet if the errors are ignored. I would be happy to help with any proof-reading issues anyone has.
2015-04-06 10:44:26
thanks for this useful ws
2015-03-10 09:56:38
Thank you for your wonderful work.
2015-03-09 21:32:58
Thank you!
2015-03-09 21:32:58
Thank you!
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Hi, Pura Vida, I love to make ws, it's my favorite hobby
Hi, Pura Vida, I love to make ws, it's my favorite hobby
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