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2016-07-29 16:15:36
I recommend this paper as it was of great help for me when I had to introduce the topic of daily routine. I started the class with an activity of vocabulary, where students had to work in pairs and unscramble letters to form words such as school, lunch, television, etc. Then I used a text about a person to work over the topic present simple and daily routine. To end up Im
2016-04-03 01:05:23
really cool activity, thank you very much. I will try this out with my young Spanish children when I get the opportunity and I know they'll enjoy it. Thank you again
2015-11-25 11:03:42
I love this worksheet because it doesn't take up much time to solve it. I used it with different age groups, and everyone liked it. It is printer friend as well.
2016-09-15 04:34:52
Many thanks for your help
2016-09-10 04:48:49
Thank you. :)
2016-09-08 12:13:36
Thanks! It came in very handy.rn
2016-09-02 10:15:54
2016-09-01 23:48:15
Thank you, Ilona! This worksheet will help a lot with my adult students! A warm hug from Recife, Brazil!
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Hi, Pura Vida, I love to make ws, it's my favorite hobby
Hi, Pura Vida, I love to make ws, it's my favorite hobby
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