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2016-06-29 10:38:36
Dear mada:
thanks for your work.It help me learn English well for my kid.
I like it very much.It is colorful, cute and funny.waiting for your work:) thank a lot!
2017-03-01 23:06:03
thank you
2017-02-18 20:02:22
thanks a lot
2017-01-19 18:22:01
Thank you so much for this colorful and engaging worksheet about digraphs. Some of my 3rd grade students struggle with these (they are learning English), so this really helps! I like to project it so that we can do it as a group with direct instruction. Then later I give each student a copy of this and they try it on their own. I like that the rest of the words are at the bottom of the worksheet so the students can concentrate on the digraphs without worrying about spelling the rest of the word. Thank you!
2016-12-17 16:57:13
Im wondering about how can you make a beautiful worksheet like this? It's so colorful and useful too. Thank you for your worksheet :x
2016-08-08 05:32:48
This is great, thanks.
2016-05-13 03:23:58
Thank you. Great connections made between pictures, digraphs, word clues and then writing words.
2014-02-08 07:31:33
Fantastic! What a great worksheet to use as revision and consolidation. Thank you. ;-)
2016-01-28 23:39:18
readily recognized images, love that it's in color and a multi step process
2014-01-27 18:40:08
How nice of you to share your piece of work! Thanks,dear Mada! :)
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I'm also a member of ESLPrintables.
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