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2016-10-17 10:20:11
This is a simple yet effective worksheet useful for learning the 'WH' questions. This worksheet is best for beginners with a knowledge of basic vocabulary. I used this as a follow up exercise having first taught the appropriate question words.
2016-08-25 03:29:03
Thank you so much. It is very usefully. My kids like it very much. Could you give me more worksheets wit variety topics. It is very pleasant if you give guide for wooksheets.
2015-10-20 22:34:21
Very good worksheet. Regardless of the level, some students still struggle with knowing when to use what WH? word. I really liked the explanation of each word and how students were asked to circle the reason why they chose that word later in the worksheet. Great job!
2015-06-24 04:21:44
The work sheet has three different parts. Students can practice more in different situations when they meet! Also some daily conversations when they talk to people. So they have to know how to use question words to make sentences!
2016-10-11 16:27:45
Thanks a lot!
2016-10-11 06:50:14
Thank you for sharing your work!! It's a great help for teaching my FSL and ESL students. Enjoy your day!!
2016-10-06 23:43:31
Thank you again!
2016-10-06 01:47:49
2016-10-04 21:50:35
Thanks! i am sure this worksheets will help my daughter with her spellings ;) rnhave a lovely day!
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English Teacher in Brazil
English Teacher in Brazil
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