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2017-02-20 15:15:49
Nice and colourful and simple for beginners or kids. Went well in my class today. Teaching the family can sometimes be a bit difficult so all the help out there is super.
2017-02-02 13:26:09
I used this exercise combined with the same exercise in French so I could teach both vocabulary on the family members both in French and English. It is quite good as they can look at the picture and found out the link between members.
2017-01-29 06:48:33
Used this WS with my younger SS and they loved it! The chart helps tremendously in showing the SS how it all connects. They are able to write the words and see the flow.
2017-01-26 23:47:59
Thank you very much for this nice worksheet that helped my students from kids to adult beginner learners fix family members vocabulary, which is a very complicated topic. Your worksheet is clear and practical. I just loved it!!!
2016-12-28 21:19:53
This is a good worksheet to help students learn basic family members and also the possessive form. You can edit it to make it easier for students. I did that by changing the questions to be about one or two family members .
2016-07-07 10:29:04
Thank you very much for your worksheet. I used to teach my students. It's easy to understand the vocabularies about family member. It's very useful for me. I can teach my student easily.
2016-07-04 09:17:18
This worksheet is very exciting and suit for my students who want to practice about vocabulary on this topic . For busy teacher like me or others can save the time to prepare worksheet for them.
2016-05-08 22:12:24
This one is really good so they can learn the name of the family members, its a food one to staqrt with!
i used this one for my primary classes, i think more or kess itas good for the age of 11-13
higly recommended!
2015-12-20 07:58:52
This was a great worksheet for when my grade two class were expanding on the topic of family. This well written and clear worksheet made a rather difficult topic, easy to understand the use of a family tree meant that my students had a visual aid to use when answering questions such as, 'Who is your mother, mother?'
Thank you very much for all your hard work
2015-12-08 22:08:20
I liked ths worksheet and my pupils enjoyed it too. It is very clear and visual, perfect for A1 beginners level to practise with famliy members. It worked well with my teenarge group.
2017-03-27 10:13:55
Thank you!
2017-03-24 13:58:35
Thank you!
2017-03-20 13:44:20
2017-03-16 16:32:29
Thanks very much for providing this
2017-03-16 07:15:18
Thanks for this colorful vocabulary review. I teach adult learners and this will be great even through you created it for more youthful students. Thanks again
2011-11-08 10:39:10
I loved this - one of my students has always found this a difficult concept but he understood this. I only printed the first page - the second page gave me the idea of using cards - one with the question - your mother's mother and the second with the answer - your grandmother. We used these first as he seems to know most of these words. Then the exercise was really easy!! Thanks
2011-12-16 08:45:15
2016-09-05 16:14:58
Thank you very much for this activity. I have been working with my students about genitive case and you are going to help me a lot. Not only with the grammar part, but also with the vocabulary. Lots of thanks.
2016-07-18 10:45:49
Thank you very much for this interesting worksheet .It helps my students practise vocabularies about Family topic and it helps me and other busy teachers save time in preparation worksheet like this.
2017-02-07 17:50:59
This worksheet is very helpful for my beginning students to study the names of family member's and the relationships between family members. It also show how a family tree works!
2016-01-19 11:24:28
It's a wonderful resource for low level learners. It is very useful to have the vocabulary bank included in the worksheet. Thank you very much for producing this free resource!
2017-02-15 04:18:22
Thank you so much Goga! It just includes the right vocabulary exercises for teaching family members. I'm teaching a A2 level in El Salvador and this is gonna be of great help!
2012-10-19 05:01:16
I like how you varied the words used to respond, ie. granny/grandmother Also, I like that you have a lot of different activities in this one piece of material. Thank you!
2016-10-26 16:38:25
Dear Goga,rnyour worksheet was the reason why I signed in to iSLCollective. rnI'll try it out with 10-year-old beginners of English...rnThank you very much in advance!
2016-05-29 08:57:31
Thank you so much for this! I'm teaching Beginner's English in the Sultanate of Oman and this is exactly what they need to consolidate last week's lesson! Diane
2016-08-09 15:04:56
Many thanks for your kindness sharing these English worksheets. Not only me able to use all these, but others also. Your worksheets are SUPERB!!
2016-08-25 03:15:57
Thank you!! This is a very stimulating worksheet that will help my students organize their ideas with oral exercise!!
2015-11-09 20:58:40
Thank you. Just what I need to help a young student who has just arrived in our school with hardly any English.
2016-11-04 09:13:43
thanks a million your worksheets are very helpful and contain interesting activities to use in the classroom
2017-02-05 09:10:33
Thank you very much for this worksheet.rnIt will be very useful with my class.rnrnJessica Mann.rnEFL Teacher
2016-05-13 10:57:55
Thank you very much for sharing. This material will help me a lot to warm up my class with words of family.
2016-08-29 19:19:28
Hello, From Chile South America.rnVery helpful material.rnThank you very much for making it available.
2015-09-20 10:05:12
Thank you very uch for this worksheet it is a real help form my disabled pupils who can't write much.
2016-10-18 12:45:34
Many thanks for this worksheet. It really helped my class of Pre-Int. adult students. rnrnFatimarnUAE
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Goga is from/lives in Croatia and has been a member of iSLCollective since 2009-10-24 00:09:07. Goga last logged in on 2016-12-02 10:25:35, and has shared 40 resources on iSLCollective so far.
Goga is from/lives in Croatia and has been a member of iSLCollective since 2009-10-24 00:09:07. Goga last logged in on 2016-12-02 10:25:35, and has shared 40 resources on iSLCollective so far.
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