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2017-02-19 09:56:21
Thank you!
2017-02-18 07:13:53
Thank you!
2017-02-17 11:00:01
Thank you x
2017-02-12 14:44:00
Thank you for this. Awesome job.
2017-02-12 04:50:33
thank you for sharing a good work to us, it's good for self - studying :Drn
2017-02-05 08:29:31
What will you be doing any time tomorrow? Probably creating another of your masterpieces, thanks dear Rosa, hugs from stormy and rainy Normandy!:)
2017-02-04 15:58:58
Just on time for my adult class! Thanks Rosa for making my day so often with all these excellent worksheets!
2017-02-04 18:28:10
Brilliant!!! This is great for weaker students. Have a nice weekend, dear Rosa. And keep them coming, lol.
2017-02-05 21:49:31
This is a really handy bit of work and will give my students plenty to think about ..congrats!
2017-02-04 16:38:07
A very complete sorksheet on the future!! Thank you dear Rosa! Nice weekend!
2017-02-04 19:41:33
Thanks a lot,dear Rosa for this great ws! Have a nice wekend!
2017-02-04 17:27:04
Thanks a bunch !!this is an extremely useful worksheet!!!!
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