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2016-05-16 14:57:58
Great activity for basic students about hobbies and leisure time. Garfield is one of the most beloved characters in the world of entertainment, so it´s pretty easy to establish a connection with the students aqnd they feel well motivated to go on with the activity!!
2016-04-07 17:23:54
Everybode loves Garfield! Even some of my most difficult students, So I love it because it fun and they are not stressed and it's motivated for them. Great! I can use it as a vocabulary unit or grammar: present continous.
2016-01-31 20:18:32
This sheet was useful because it had a familiar cartoon character and it was good to use for filling in the blank and speaking practice. It was also a great way to review vocabulary.
2015-06-25 00:36:25
It was a really nice activity to work with seventh basico, It helps students to learnt new vocabulary with a very fun character. I used it as a post-reading activity in order to go beyond with the topic
2017-05-19 02:09:19
thank you for sharing
2017-05-06 00:34:12
Thank you!
2017-05-05 15:28:53
Very very beautiful, thank you!
2017-05-02 20:44:24
Great exercise. Ss not only work on grammar but also focus on visual to match the activity. This is a great exercise for older ESL Ss. Thanks!!!
2017-04-23 07:55:27
thanks a lot
2017-04-01 09:30:13
Thanks for this! I love especially that it is easily editable. I am teaching 5th and 6th graders about hobbies and how to describe them and Garfield is perfect. Fun colors, pictures, and then the matching...wonderful!
2016-01-11 14:16:05
My pupils liked this execise. They actually 'ate' it and wanted more. Thank you for creating such exercises that make lessons more interesting (especially when the teacher has run out of ideas).
2017-02-21 11:24:05
My child has Autism and learning to use language is difficult for him. However, using his favorite character, Garfield, I am able to reach him as never before. I am so grateful. Thank you.
2016-05-03 02:45:57
Thank you very much for this material. It is a great help specially teaching students in Thailand. The colorful pictures make them interested in the topic. Again, thank you!
2016-12-28 17:50:20
Garfield is famous among kids. This worksheet is so creative and fancy. So, it could make students happy when they do their tasks.
2016-09-04 16:10:06
Thank you. I know my students are going to love it :) It's an excellent way for the students to use the present progressive
2017-04-18 20:29:53
I think this worksheet is very attractive because my pupils love Garfield and they are motivated to do the exercise.
2017-02-26 14:11:20
Thanks for your sharing the creative activity. it's useful for the kids and I think it makes them enjoy with it.
2016-08-07 16:59:50
This worksheet is so cute and appealing to young students. My kids absolutely loved it. Thank you so much!
2015-07-09 05:18:33
Beautiful activity! My kid loves Garfield, she'll definitely enjoy doing this worksheet! thanks a bunch!
2015-12-01 11:18:54
Very colourful, useful and funny! I love Garfield and it's good for teaching English to adults too.
2016-02-02 20:57:29
Thank you for this wonderful collection of Garfield's pictures, I hope my students will like it!
2017-04-04 13:54:57
thank you so much for this great worksheet, my kids love everything about cats))rn
2016-08-31 18:48:44
Thank you! it is very useful to relate things students like or know to help them!
2016-05-17 22:55:04
I like it very much! Kids love Garfield.They will love Present Continuous , too.
2015-04-02 15:27:40
Thank you, this will be great for my lesson on present continuous today ! :) xx
2017-04-14 20:11:30
Thank you for your wonderful work! It helped me a lot with my students! :)
2017-02-14 12:32:53
Thank you for this colorful worksheet... very helpful with junior classes!
2016-10-31 16:46:28
Many thanks for your funny exercise using the character of Garfield. Anne
2016-11-28 04:40:05
Garfield is cute. This is a great worksheet for young learners. Thanks!!
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Lili27 is from/lives in Spain and has been a member of iSLCollective since 2011-03-27 19:27:47. Lili27 last logged in on 2017-04-26 09:00:44, and has shared 145 resources on iSLCollective so far.
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