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2016-10-17 10:23:01
I used this worksheet after I had taught the basic principle of 'I like' and 'I don't like'. The students have to think of foods they really like and food they do not like at all. Once they have drawn and coloured the food items, they have to say out loud what they like and don't like. Best used with young learners with a knowledge of basic vocabulary. Can then be used to introduce further structures such as 'I love' and 'I hate'.
2016-05-24 15:46:50
I like to use that exercise when practicing food or activities at basic level. Children enjoy writing about their likes and dislakes and it is a visually good way to do so.
2016-09-30 07:13:27
Thank you!
2016-09-07 09:01:10
thank you
2016-08-25 17:17:16
Thanks a lot for such a great activity :)
2016-07-29 22:23:24
Great activity, thank you!!!
2016-07-29 22:22:45
Great activity, thank you!!!
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About the author
Hi! I'm an English and German teacher (currently not working), and I like to share my work, ideas and resources with other teachers.
Hi! I'm an English and German teacher (currently not working), and I like to share my work, ideas and resources with other teachers.
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