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2016-12-23 11:08:50
It is a very nice boarding game! my students enjoy a lot with this activity which may be helpful to develop their linguistic competence and, through it, their communicative competence.
2017-05-22 09:56:01
Thanks a lot.
2017-05-12 05:11:31
Thanks for this material! It is awesome!
2017-05-04 03:15:34
thank you very much for this worksheet. This is exactly what i needed to speaking practice.
2017-05-03 13:17:36
Thanks a lot!
2017-05-02 20:21:00
thanks a lot
2016-05-16 20:27:49
I teach adult ESL students at my local church. rnThey love grammar practice games. This kindrnof game is one reason why they come back weekly.rnThanks so much!!!
2016-08-30 22:40:37
Dear Mr Author.rnI just want to thank you for this great help. rnSincerely yours,rnSonia Nascimento (Brazil)rne-mail:
2015-07-21 15:38:08
Thanks. I've been looking for a modals boardgame tha I can do both with teens and adults in small classes! This is great.
2016-09-23 15:17:17
I adore using games while teaching English! I found your weeksheet nice and interesting so thank you for it!:)
2017-04-10 16:00:00
Thanks a lot! I love using board games as warmers, it is the best way to have fun and learn at the same time
2017-02-26 08:19:10
This has really livened up my students after a very long grueling day of assessment. Thanks!
2016-12-05 19:15:17
This will be good speaking expression for the students while reinforcing modals! Thank you!
2017-04-10 21:01:43
Thank you for creating this. I am planning to use with my English class in Nicaragua
2016-02-22 03:28:48
this will be my activity on my final demo teaching.. thank u very much!
2016-08-18 21:15:59
Thanks so much for this! It was really helpful to teach this topic.
2015-11-19 14:09:27
This is a great way to introduce modals - I'm very happy to find it!
2017-03-28 17:56:45
This a high quality material! Thank you very much for sharing it!!
2016-09-05 01:11:42
thank you very much for this worksheet. it 's really helpful
2016-10-16 15:05:39
Hello Corleshay rnrnThanks for the game very useful!!!
2015-11-16 04:49:19
Thank you so much. This was a great starting point :-)
2017-01-20 03:07:40
Just amazing! Thanks for helping a new teacher. <3
About the author
I teach ESL part time to adults at a local career tech school. I love it; it is my favorite job!
I teach ESL part time to adults at a local career tech school. I love it; it is my favorite job!
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