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2016-02-05 12:40:32
The greatest worksheet on the site, I may think. I used it with my intermiediate students and spent the class laughing and having fun alongisde learning, so you deserve a monument!!
2015-08-21 00:00:05
Rau, this is the best activity about dependent preposition I've ever had! I highly recommend it. If you are looking for an activity which helps your student to memorize them, this is the one!! Thumbs up. Thanks for sharing.
2017-05-24 19:22:40
Brilliant! Great to have two levels to practice these really hard-to-learn phrasal verbs. Thanks so much!
2017-05-19 13:10:30
Thanks a lot:)
2017-05-18 22:16:18
Thanks a lot for sharing. Love from the south of France!
2017-04-26 11:39:54
Thanks a lot! I love it.
2016-11-06 17:43:08
I absolutely this colorful and highly resourceful game. Since I work with 5 grandchildren of various ages, it can be difficult to make learning games for each. Thank you so very much for such a resourceful game.rn
2016-09-02 17:01:00
LOVE both versions. I teach a combined group with two different levels of students. It's hard to always plan different activities - this makes my life SO much easier. Thank you for sharing your work. :)
2016-04-26 20:46:42
Sometimes I find myself lost when students ask me to teach them a specific topic, and this time wasn't different: I was asked to teach prepositions and this game has saved my day. Thanks you! :)
2017-02-25 12:20:44
Je vous remercie beaucoup pour tout ce partage qui traverse les frontières.rnJe vous souhaite une belle continuation. Nadia rnThank you for this share who go all aroud the world. go luck. nadia
2017-02-21 06:55:04
I'd love to do this in class but do you have a particular set of mechanics as to how it is played with big group classes? Thanks. Would appreciate an answer.
2016-09-23 06:23:34
Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with those of us creativity-challenged!! I will put this to great use in my classes!!
2016-08-02 05:14:03
This is a very useful worksheet. I used this with my students and they all enjoyed playing this. Thanks for making this.
2016-09-27 01:28:05
Thank you for this, going to try it tonight with my students! I love using games to practice language. :)
2016-10-19 19:36:53
I was looking for something to do after talking about prepositions. Thanks!
2016-02-18 01:29:56
Brilliant to have the easy and advanced versions. Very useful. Thank you!
2016-12-30 22:02:40
Thanks a million. I appreciate your efforts in helping educators.rnFadia
2017-01-11 10:53:02
Thank you for your interesting task. My students like to play.
2013-09-04 19:22:30
This exercise for preposition is really worth. Thanks a lot
2017-04-23 19:59:55
Thanks a lot for the material you designed. A useful game!
2017-02-15 11:30:49
Rau, Thank you so much for this very useful game/exercise.
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Hello Everyone!!! Thank you for all the creativity you've put into teaching with this material you share...
Hello Everyone!!! Thank you for all the creativity you've put into teaching with this material you share...
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