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2017-02-13 15:33:34
Thank you. It is very useful. My students get more knowledge from this worksheet. It's interesting and colorful. I loved it. You are creator. I'm teacher from Thailand.
2016-11-23 13:41:30
We find this worsheet very colorful and my students loved it. It is very easy to work with and yet has lots of good exercises. We used it to review the present continuous and every now and then we come back to it. Thanks a lot to the author and her creativity.
2016-09-21 14:30:36
This practice sheet was a life-saver when I needed something students could do with a sub but didn't want to sacrifice my content objectives. Love that I am able to make edits to meet the needs of my class!
2016-08-16 13:16:02
I love an activity like this. It is complete with grammar topics and exercises. I always use it in my review classses and it helps a lot. My students can read alone and work together in a way to practice the present continuous rulers.
2016-04-26 18:45:18
This worksheet it´s an amazing one to be used when students had started to study Present forms. I totally recommend it ; the teacher who decides to use it in class should first write the main rules on the board, ask them questions about the proper use of it and then start to work with it.
2015-12-07 10:55:50
I believe in teaching that involves the learner as mu as possible, and this worksheet is perfectly made, in such a way that is allows the learner to find the rule himself, observing examples and then appplying the grammatical rule. By the time the teacher will explain the rule, the learner (in most cases) already has a clue. This make it easier for the lerarner to understand the rule.
2017-05-23 12:17:50
Thank you! A great worksheet :)
2017-05-23 09:50:06
thank you!
2017-05-10 07:05:25
Thank you for sharing this to us.
2017-05-06 14:56:35
Thank you Kate!
2017-05-05 15:34:44
Thank you, very helpful
2015-11-25 21:37:03
thank you. I believe these exercises will help my student not to forget to put the verb to be and the correct ing ending as she always forgets to double the last letter.
2015-03-27 09:36:57
I really like this worksheet because it's very funny coloured. And soon it's Easter and the children will be happy to see such a wonderful worksheet. Thank you!
2017-01-24 13:04:06
I think the the worksheet format helps the student check if he/she has doubts which may arise while doing the exercises. thanks for sharing it.
2016-03-26 00:12:33
Thanks so much for the worksheet.I will be using it with my 10- 11 year old students today. I am sure t will help a lot. Thanks!
2016-11-29 13:31:10
Thanks. I think pictures are not always necessary. My child is capturing the subject after reading. Thanks once again.
2015-07-04 02:07:56
Thanks! I love this worksheet! I have been looking for an interesting one for hours! haha Thanks again!! =)
2016-11-30 22:34:24
Very useful! One of my students cannnot work with pictures or texts and this kind of activities is perfect.
2016-08-27 08:25:42
Thanks so much for your great worksheets.They are at the right level for my students. Well done!!!
2017-04-26 23:20:14
Thanks a lot! Itruly found this worksheet very useful and easy to use. Greetings from El Salvador.
2016-05-03 12:25:06
Very helpful for a novice teacher like me trying to teach English to a 9-year-old triplets.
2015-09-26 06:20:12
thanks to you planning becomes easier.rnrnExcellent material. Congrats for such dedication.
2015-07-03 18:36:12
Great job please upload something related to next future...Greetings from Bogotá Colombia!
2017-02-09 06:18:02
This workheet is very very good, these exercises are really meaningful. Thanks Kate.
2016-09-08 11:36:58
Thank you so much for the worksheet. I used it for my ESL(4th~5th) kids in Korea.
2017-01-09 20:54:20
Thanks for the time to make the great worksheets...I need them for my ESL pupils.
2016-05-07 22:23:26
Thanks a's a great job to practice grammar!rnthanks again
2017-01-02 14:46:38
Very good systematisation! Thank you so much, you saved me some time.
2017-01-17 04:46:34
Thank you Kate for a very useful worksheet - much appreciated!
2017-02-12 09:45:37
thanks a lot. this step-by-step exercise is easy to work with
2016-05-12 10:13:01
Thank you so much for these worksheets they are amazing!!!;)
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kate0611 is from/lives in Canada and has been a member of iSLCollective since 2010-05-22 17:55:05. kate0611 last logged in on 2017-05-25 04:37:38, and has shared 6 resources on iSLCollective so far.
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