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2016-11-05 19:50:36
This worksheet is very concise and up to the point. It is very helpful as it récapitulâtes the use of the reported speech. I recommend this worksheet for teachers and learners.
2016-10-08 07:34:18
I have a student whose tutor didn't have enough time to teach her reported speech as summer kicked in..when i took over tutoring her, it was a fast and efficient way to complete my previous colleagues task.
2015-11-06 15:15:34
This chart is really great to use with my high school level students, as they can see all the verb tenses in their reported form. It made it easier for them to understand the changes.
2017-05-16 22:53:35
Thanks!! Was looking for something of this sort!!
2017-05-12 00:18:48
This is outstanding!!! Thank you!!!
2017-05-09 17:42:02
Thank you very much! It is very useful!
2017-05-08 00:21:19
2016-05-06 16:25:42
This chart is easy to understand and really practical for students to have at hand. I'm going to give it to my students, who are struggling with reported speech. I think it will be very useful for them. Thanks a lot!!
2016-05-24 09:12:07
Great stuff. Very informative and precise reference chart for my students. Now I only need to add some mixed, juicy exercises!
2016-08-28 17:53:22
Nice chart to show the students how the statements change from direct speech to reported one.
2016-10-07 01:07:18
I like this work because it is very easy to read and understand, Thank you for sharing.
2016-08-04 16:26:15
It's so great when I can find such useful activity. Thank you for your generosity!
2016-05-29 19:51:23
Very comprehensive and enjoyable to look at. Thank you for sharing it with us!
2013-06-16 16:41:37
Thank you! for this material I'm sure it will be helpful for my students
2017-03-10 17:29:56
What a beautifully bright, clear chart ! Very useful. Thanks so much !
2017-02-22 11:22:29
Thank you for this sheet. It is exactly what i've been looking for.
2016-12-18 15:29:29
Clear, useful and colourful: a great chart. Thanks for sharing!
2017-03-11 16:29:42
Thanks for this, saves me having to write it myself :)
2015-04-23 13:00:24
Thank you so much!rnYour worksheet is most helpful!!!!
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I used to be an English teacher, but I am retired now.
I used to be an English teacher, but I am retired now.
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