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2016-09-23 17:04:43
it help me a lot and many students love it, they find it very useful and they love the pictures. I think it is very useful and the task are very easy and they find it interesting.
2016-02-03 14:13:37
great help to practice the verb TO BE in a funny and original way, my little student appreciated it too. We also spoke about the dragon characters and invented a little story about them. thank you indeed
2015-10-16 14:43:27
User friendly and a fun way to learn the Verb to be. The children especially liked the small pictures and it makes learning a little more interesting for them. Thanks Tannik
2017-05-23 07:23:14
Really nice! Thank you!
2017-05-18 11:06:06
Thank you so much!
2017-05-15 14:18:10
It's really great!!!rnThank you so much^^
2017-05-01 20:51:04
thank u . That's all I need to have my students to practice on
2017-04-04 07:42:19
nice one
2016-03-30 14:56:21
It's a very cute worksheet and I really like it! ^^ rnThank you very much! rnI would also like to share my idea for "To be" character: I consider Cerberus to be a great one for this part =)
2016-11-12 09:38:16
Dear Tannik, I really like this worksheet for children! It is simple but Kids like the way zou made it! It is not easy to find worksheets for younger children! Thanks again! ;-)
2016-04-18 03:02:16
Great to see a worksheet that sticks with just the positive forms of be for beginners. Just what I was after. Thanks so much. (Dragons are good for my boy student too!)
2015-06-16 14:28:35
I guess this worksheet will make my student love to learn rnVerb to be because it's have a story and it's interesting for them.
2016-12-20 20:36:19
Thank you so much, that idea with the three-headed dragon explaining the three forms of the verb to be is brilliant:)
2017-02-02 23:28:29
This is really excellent work! Thank you so much for sharing it! You helped me a lot with my young ones!
2015-11-29 01:35:56
this is very interesting exercise and easy understanding for the kids, thanks the author!
2015-09-24 10:37:13
Thank you so much! This is perfect for my Dutch students (11 years old, very low level)
2016-08-25 22:37:51
thanks you for sparing time to do this and extra little time to share it with us :)
2016-11-15 15:34:17
Many thanks, pitched just perfectly for the age group and level I'm working with!
2016-11-15 19:27:41
Thanks for this! It's exactly what I needed for my 2 little cousins :)
2017-03-23 17:27:08
This worksheet is fantastic I am sure my young learners will like it.
2015-03-27 18:44:18
thank you. This activity is really going to be very helpfull for me.
2015-10-02 14:56:26
Thank you, an easy to use, user friendly worksheet for various ages.
2016-04-23 13:50:46
this is perfect for my lesson! thank you! love the into dragons:)
2016-07-04 13:19:45
Thanks it great for the real youngsters, and it is well planned.
2017-04-03 12:47:26
thanks for sharing! great worksheet and lovely characters!!!!
2016-07-06 18:01:48
Thank you very much! I am sure my students will love this!
2017-02-11 18:00:21
Thank you! that's very helpful for my littel students!
2017-02-08 23:58:02
Thank you it is really helpful and easy to understand
About the author
I teach English to people of different ages and I do enjoy it greatly! I love reading and translating different texts in or from English.
I teach English to people of different ages and I do enjoy it greatly! I love reading and translating different texts in or from English.
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