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2015-12-09 22:22:16
It gives a lot of chances to practice verb be. It also explains very well theconjugation in the different ways: affirmative, negative, questions and short answers.
2015-12-09 01:34:20
I recommend this worksheet because it is really useful for me and it present the use of am, is and are ina communicative way. For instance, the questions below presentig also a picture, help students to reflect on meaning. I like this worksheet very much!
2015-12-03 13:00:36
thank you for this fail. It helps me very much with students and the ver to be. You can train everything about to be present. Especially the last ex. when you should guess what is it or who is it.
2015-11-12 23:57:55
I love this worksheet. It helps my students pratice and I notice that they find it quite interesting. Thought I think the pictures should be more updated to be more catchy for the eye.
2015-10-25 20:26:18
for beginners, great to be able to make them aware of the general idea behind to be. after basic explanation part in the class, as a after supporter I used it. that worked quite good.
2015-10-24 06:22:13
I love this worksheet! I use it every year on the first day of class (adult beginners.) I especially like the picture section. It allows for a lot of great discussion such as: the difference between a pen and a pencil, what are twins, a painter can paint pictures or walls, titles for men and women, introduction of some prepositions, etc! (There is an omitted word on #10 in the picture section - it should read, "Are the books on THE desk?")
2015-10-23 09:21:49
I really like this worksheet, the divestity of exercises keeps the pupils very interetsed in their work. Exercises are very weel done. All my pupils enjoy doing that kind of things.
2015-10-21 08:40:56
Very good worksheet to practise all forms of to be. Last part with pictures is my favourite. I want students to say it aloud and then we only speak and speak - I ask them simple questions , then they ask each other. Again and again.
2015-10-05 16:02:16
Me and my students like the workseet because it's like all basic information about verb to be in one place. There's also variety of exercices that help to practice the proper use of the verb to be. We woreked one lesson (45 min) and some sentences were to be done at home.
The worksheet is the best for primery school students.
2015-09-20 23:36:48
very useful for a quick revision my students enjoyed working on it. There are different forms of the verb BE . i did like the exercice Re-arrange bce i introduce the order to make sentences
Thank you
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2016-02-10 20:56:44
Thank you! It is very nice and useful worksheet.
2016-02-10 02:30:12
very useful
2016-02-08 16:51:40
This is awesome! Thanks =)
2016-02-08 09:12:59
Thank you
iSLCollective Sponsor
2016-02-04 06:00:08
Thanks! I think this worksheet will make to be easier for beginners.
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Married wth two lovely angels. I love teaching.

I believe every child has its potential.

Married wth two lovely angels. I love teaching.

I believe every child has its potential.

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