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2015-07-15 08:39:31
It's good exercise. I use this worksheet to teach my students. They liked it very much and It's interesting picture.And it's easy to understand to do exercise. It's suited for secondary level.
2016-10-14 20:44:03
Great worksheet! Thanks!!
2016-07-15 08:33:38
I really appreciate the time put into the worksheet, many thanks, but I feel I should give an honest critique. I've used this worksheet with adult students of varying levels (from lower-intermediate to upper) and the results have been mixed (in terms of success) but consistent in terms of the issues. The main problem all my students had was the clarity/accuracy of the pictures. Whilst some of them are self-explanatory others are highly ambiguous or simply not very clear. As a result students struggled to match the vocab but, more pertinently, the vocab-pictures that corresponding poorly with one another meant the students were still unsure of the vocabularies meaning (until I explained in detail). I will probably not use this worksheet again due to these issues however I really like the idea of it and, with better/clearer pictures it would be an undoubted success. Again many thanks for making this worksheet, I hope my honesty is not taken as an insult.
2016-05-17 10:35:49
Thank you!
2016-05-09 17:38:38
Great Job!
2016-05-02 03:01:21
Thanks! I appreciate the work you put into this.
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Hi, Pura Vida, I love to make ws, it's my favorite hobby
Hi, Pura Vida, I love to make ws, it's my favorite hobby
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