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2017-05-24 06:51:27
Thank you
2017-05-23 03:09:21
Hey, loveteaching! I just looooove your ppt! Thanks for sharing it!rnWarm hugs from Buenos Aires, Argentina.rnSil
2017-05-10 13:38:57
Love it! Thanks a lot!
2017-04-24 08:31:01
Fantastic that you offered a short and quick explanation why this particular tense is used not the other.
2017-04-13 18:18:59
Thanks so much
2016-12-15 15:04:37
Cheers, mate! If you could teach me how to make those fantastic ppt, I could also share them.
2017-01-31 03:34:10
Thanks for this great and lovely ppt. It's really awesome and useful for me.
2017-01-26 15:59:54
Just what I needed for the age group that I don not usually teach. Thanks
2017-01-02 18:46:33
rnThanks a lot. My students have both learned and enjoyed the activity:)
2017-01-16 06:50:24
Thanks for your very creative presentation, it is amazing. :-)
2016-10-07 01:28:45
What a great 'basketball game'. Thanks a million, dear Carlos.
2016-10-05 19:05:33
Really creative!! Students will love it! Thank you so much!
2016-10-06 09:25:48
Love this fun, colorful worksheet! Thank you so much.
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I'm also a member of eslprintables. I go by the nickname "cagreis".

I'm also a member of eslprintables. I go by the nickname "cagreis".

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