714 FREE ESL boardgames worksheets

  • Guess Who Boardgame - ESL worksheets
    Guess Who Boardgame
    By Kisdobos
    This is a classic Guess Who boardgame I made using characters that I generated with the WimpyKid character Generator (http://www.wimpykid...
  • Food Boardgame - ESL worksheets
    Food Boardgame
    By Mulle
    A boardgame to revise vocabulary within the topic of food. Students must answer questions and name pictures.
  • Halloween Boardgame - ESL worksheets
    Halloween Boardgame
    By Mulle
    The traditional boardgame idea on Halloween. Use a die and counters. WARNING: You must also bring candy to class as one of the spaces say...
  • What's the time BOARDGAME - ESL worksheets
    What's the time BOARDGAME
    By Chadelel
    What´s the time BOARDGAME - You need small pieces of paper and a dice. Groups of two or four students. Throw the dice and say the time ac...
  • GUESS WHO? - The famous People Game - Speaking about personal infor... - ESL worksheets
    GUESS WHO? - The famous People Game - Speaking...
    By LittleSunshine11
    This is a worksheet with ***18 PROMPTCARDS*** about famous people. Use it as a filler or revision for upper elementary, lower intermediat...
  • Food Speaking Practice Boardgame - ESL worksheets
    Food Speaking Practice Boardgame
    By kifissia
    Easy food board game. Name the food in the space you land on or answer a simple food question. There is a light blue background not shown...
  • Reported Speech - a boardgame - ESL worksheets
    Reported Speech - a boardgame
    By dobrawaa
    This is a boardgame which does not only practise reported speech, but it also encourages students to talk about different aspects of thei...
  • Boardgamre: Practice Speaking with Has Got & Have Got - ESL worksheets
    Boardgamre: Practice Speaking with Has Got & Have Got
    By kifissia
    Easy board game for beginners. Answer the questions. Simple vocabulary. Many silly questions. Need 1 die (dice) and 2 markers to play. Th...
  • Guess Who boardgame with 20 characters - ESL worksheets
    Guess Who boardgame with 20 characters
    By Kisdobos
    I made another version of the well-known Guess Who boardgame for ESL learners with characters I created using the avatar creator tool at ...
  • Awesome E-Resources Database - ESL worksheets
    Awesome E-Resources Database
    By TeacherDianaRenke
    We all love ISL Collective and if you're anything like me (a self-professed grammar nerd), constantly trying to find new and exciting mat...
  • Guess My Monster (Guess who) - ESL worksheets
    Guess My Monster (Guess who)
    By Kisdobos
    Goal of the game: Guess your opponent's mystery monster before your opponent guesses yours. You can only answer ‘YES’ or ‘NO.’ Ask questi...
  • Halloween Speaking Activity Boardgame for Intermediate Students - ESL worksheets
    Halloween Speaking Activity Boardgame for...
    By kifissia
    Questions with a Halloween theme-most requiring an explanation. Test your Halloween vocabulary and knowledge. Develop conversational skil...
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