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3787 FREE ESL grammar drills worksheets

  • By PhilipR
    Grammar-based ´Getting to know you´ worksheet aimed at practising the use of correct wh-question words, speaking, listening, asking for clarification, asking to repeat, note-taking and short presentations or talking in front of the class. Fully editable, printer-friendly colours (background colour does not print) and plain vanilla version (without any colour or clip art) included on 2nd page. Answer key provided.
    For similar worksheets, ch...

  • By myszunia
    Some exercises to revise Present Simple Tense

  • By shusu00
    A simple worksheet for drillings.

  • By zailda
    I designed the map using word shapes adding some pics. The first page can be used as the map for the worksheet, or can be printed as a poster or used as a boardgame (after or before the tasks included). I included instructions for 4 different uses + 24 cards for the game. The second and third pages contain 4 different exercises to use the map: complete the dialog (directions), questions, underline the correct (prepositions of place) and writing (...

  • By Mulle
    This is the first ws in a little series of grammar for beginners. Collect them all and make a booklet with grammar exercises.

  • By tgyorgyi
    It's a revision ws containing 6 EXERCISES on TWO PAGES. 1) some or any 2) many or much 3) reading + true/false 4) C / U with food vocab 5) answer the questions 6) reordering a dialogue (in a restaurant)
    Key is included! I hope you like it and find it useful! :-)

  • By zailda
    A worksheet to revise there is / there are, prepositions of place and the verb to be (present). There are 4 tasks and the keys are included. The printable is completely editable / correctable. Hope it’s useful. Thanks for downloading and have a nice day!

  • By emsalwa
    SS have to read the paragraph and answer the questions.
    Then they have to choose the correct answers according to the pictures. I hope it's helpful and you like it.

  • By 1mada
    A short grammar-guide and 3 exercises to practise Past Simple. 1) Sts group the verbs (regular, irregular), 2) complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets, 3) change the sentences into negative or question. Greyscale and KEY included. Hope it´s useful for you. Hugs mada :)

  • By alix23
    A simple boxed worksheet to revise Months of the Year, Days of the Week and ordinal and cardinal numbers (up to 12). Works well as a revision tool for groups and keeps them on their toes!

  • By tgyorgyi
    There are 4 exercises to practise the present forms of the verb 'TO BE'. 1) Ss have to complete the sentences. 2) negative sentences 3) making questions 4) jumbled sentences
    I hope you like it and find it useful. :-)

  • By Jesiwin
    easy practice about T.V. programmes and the time these are on T.V. based on the simple present tense together with advs of frequency and there is-are. Hope you find this useful!


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