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55 FREE ESL New Year\'s Eve worksheets

55 FREE ESL New Year's Eve worksheets

  • New Year's Resolutions - ESL worksheets
    New Year's Resolutions
    By Mirita1959
    A matching exercise about the most common New Year's Resolutions.
  • New Year's Superstitions - ESL worksheets
    New Year's Superstitions
    By kissnetothedit
    Matching exercises on some New Year superstitions. Key included. Have a wonderful 2013!
  • New Year's Resolutions are bad for you - ESL worksheets
    New Year's Resolutions are bad for you
    By Mirita1959
    Reading comprehension and writing activities about New Year's resolutions.
  • FunSheet for Beginners: New Year - ESL worksheets
    FunSheet for Beginners: New Year
    By Mulle
    Another one in the series of Funsheets for beginners and pre-intermediate learners. It is a read and understand exercise.
  • New Year celebrations in different countries - ESL worksheets
    New Year celebrations in different countries
    By ssindy94
    Hi, this is my first worksheet, I hope you will enjoy it and it will be useful for your students! The objective of this worksheet is abo...
  • New Year's celebration - ESL worksheets
    New Year's celebration
    By silvialefevre
    This worksheets brings several texts about New Year's celebrations all over the world and a text about Divali, an Indian celebration. The...
  • A 5 Minute Activity 2012/13 - ESL worksheets
    A 5 Minute Activity 2012/13
    By Mulle
    A 5-minute-activity ws about 2012-13. Students think about events in 2012 they loved, did, hated etc...and also look at 2013 -what they w...
  • My new year resolutions - ESL worksheets
    My new year resolutions
    By michela1
    Handmade by me, I hope you like it! HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL OF YOU!
  • Fun Sheet Theme: New Year - ESL worksheets
    Fun Sheet Theme: New Year
    By Mulle
    Need one on New Year -then here you are. Find the answer of the riddle / questions and while working your way you will practise vocabular...
  • New Year - ESL worksheets
    New Year
    By Mulle
    Read about New Year celebrations and traditions in the USA & The UK. Then prepare to talk about your traditions and celebrations (questio...
  • New Year, New Me - ESL worksheets
    New Year, New Me
    By adiri
    This is a 3-page worksheet about children making new year resolutions and the future, there is a second page with comprehension question...
  • Puzzle New Year - ESL worksheets
    Puzzle New Year
    By Mulle
    You may want to include this puzzle in your collection. Students can do the puzzle and learn new vocabulary about the topic.
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