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315 FREE ESL lyrics worksheets

  • By zailda
    There are 3 tasks: listening and recognizing, gap-filling, comprehension. After listening, filling in and sharing their ideas about the lyrics, the students will fill the blanks with the present perfect or the simple past and then choose the sentences in which both are possible. The keys are included in the second page and the worksheet is completely editable / correctable, hope you can use it. Thanks for downloading and have a nice day!

  • By serene
    I prepared this worksheet on the song Grenade by Bruno Mars, at the request of my students. It contains a variety of listening tasks (fill in the blanks, put the lines in the correct order, correct the mistakes), a vocabulary exercise, a grammar exercise on second conditional, and a set of comprehension questions. Printer-friendly version and Answer Key provided.

  • By serene
    (with Answer Key) This worksheet is based on the song The Show Must Go On by British rock band Queen. Before listening, the students are given a number of words from the lyrics and are asked to rewrite them in rhyming pairs. Then they try to complete the lyrics using these rhyming pairs. They listen to the song and check their answers. Finally, they do a vocabulary matching exercise so that they can understand the lyrics better. I have also inclu...

  • By Kisdobos
    Abba Lyrics - Money, Money, Money. Song gapfill activity with pictures to help learners with understanding the missing words.

  • By Snap
    Gap fill exercise based on pop band One Direction - What Makes you beautiful. This worksheet is a gap fill exercise followed by matching the gap words to definitions. After there are facts about One Direction and comprehension questions based on the facts.

  • By agsaito
    It's a nice song activity. Hope you and your students enjoy it!

  • By kate0611
    Talk, write and listen - This worksheet set includes 6 Valentine’s day activities – (1) Board game, (2)make words activity, (2)love idioms list, (4)conversation cards and (5)taboo cards based on idiom list, (6) lyrics cloze and link to “Cupid” love song.

  • By kifissia
    2 pages of lyrics for the following songs: Lemon Tree, Sailing, Sittin' In The Dock of The Bay, Tom's Diner, and Don't Speak Thanks to Enid for the inspiration!

  • By Kisdobos
    Lyrics and exercises to a sweet and silly song about animals and animal sounds by Eric Herman. Listen to and watch the song @ Enjoy! :)

  • By npio
    This practices zero conditional by giving a situation and students must choose an emotion or feeling to correspond. Then they must say what they do when/if they feel a certain way. There is also a song: "If I can't have you."

  • By kreegah
    An hour long lesson on Household Waste Management, using the lyrics and music of the song 'Down By The River'. The activities in this handout stretch listening, speaking, comprehension and writing skills. Grammar aspects such as phrasals and comparative adjectives are also dealt with, briefly.

  • By agamat
    One of the most popular Christmas songs. Kids love it.

    Merry Christmas Everyone! :)


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