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231 FREE ESL spelling worksheets

  • Challenge for Beginners - ESL worksheets
    Challenge for Beginners
    By Mulle
    Spelling practice for beginners. Let your students test their spelling on elementary vocabulary. It is a ws that will keep the students busy for some time and give you time to help the ones who need your help.
  • Big Jobs Picture Crossword - ESL worksheets
    Big Jobs Picture Crossword
    By PhilipR
    Picture crossword that can be used to consolidate vocabulary and spelling.
  • A 5-Minute Activity #3 - ESL worksheets
    A 5-Minute Activity #3
    By Mulle
    Try this game before the summer holidays with your students. They will love this competition finding three words within each category.
  • Present Simple - ESL worksheets
    Present Simple
    By Zmarques
    This is a two-page thorough worksheet to practise present simple tense. It contains explanation and exercises on third person singular spelling rules, positive, negative and interrogative forms of the present simple.
  • Big Animal Picture Crossword - ESL worksheets
    Big Animal Picture Crossword
    By PhilipR
    Picture crossword useful for reinforcing vocabulary and spelling.
  • Board Game - The Animal Kingdom - ESL worksheets
    Board Game - The Animal Kingdom
    By PhilipR
    You can play this game in different ways. 1. Easy version: Players only have to say the name of the animal. e.g. It’s a cow. 2. More difficult version: Players say the name of the animal and one or more things they know about it. e.g. It’s a cow. It gives milk. It eats grass. 3. Spelling version: Players have to spell the name of the animal correctly (and say something about it) 4. Writing version: Players write the name of the animal and one o...
  • calendar and months - ESL worksheets
    calendar and months
    By marron
    A two-page worksheet on months, festivals and holidays, and ordinal numbers as well ;)
    The exercises include spelling, matching and a quiz.
  • Summer in Madrid - ESL worksheets
    Summer in Madrid
    By marron
    A workshhet for more advanced students. They will have to correct either a spelling error or a punctuation error. A good activity for practising English in Use skills as well as writing skills before CAE or similar exams. The key is included.
  • Holiday types - ESL worksheets
    Holiday types
    By marron
    Vocabulary for 4 types of holiday. Ss match the phrases with the pictures. Other ideas how to use the cards: Play games. 1) Ss play in pairs or groups and guess what is on the partner's card. Each time they guess correctly they score a point. 2) Make a spelling contest-Ss reads out one word from his card and the other person needs to write it down or spell.
  • Vocabulary Matching Worksheet - Buildings - ESL worksheets
    Vocabulary Matching Worksheet - Buildings
    By PhilipR
    Vocabulary worksheet containing BUILDINGS. It has two sections: Match words and pictures (matching exercise) and Write the Words (reading & spelling exercise).
  • PICTURE ALPHABET - ESL worksheets
    By meuge
    Picture alphabet - Flashcards with words. Some suggestions to use them.
  • Very Young Learners - Short vowels Test - ESL worksheets
    Very Young Learners - Short vowels Test
    By PhilipR
    Worksheet for (very) young learners who have just started reading. Students look at the pictures and circle the correct word. If they don´t know a word, the teacher could tell them (as this is basically a word/letter recognition exercise). Older students should be able to complete this on their own. Can also be used as a phonics reading worksheet. Most words are three-letter words (CVC consonant-vowel-consonant).
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