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482 FREE ESL Ability worksheets

  • CAN - expressing ability - ESL worksheets
    CAN - expressing ability
    By atlantis1971
    Writing sentences using CAN and CAN'T
  • Can or can' t - ESL worksheets
    Can or can' t
    By mafaldita47
    Students have to Fill in the gaps with can or can’t and match the sentences with the correct picture.
  • A Level Grammar Review:19 pages - ESL worksheets
    A Level Grammar Review:19 pages
    By kifissia
    19 page review of all grammar and vocabulary at the A1 level. This can be used as a teacher guide or as a review for your student. So both can check and see if all important points have been covered and learned. Illustrated throughout. Editable. Add your own vocabulary or grammar. Corrected the Mexicans speaking Mexican. :)
  • Can and Can't game. Can you prove it? - ESL worksheets
    Can and Can't game. Can you prove it?
    By albacornelia
    I created this game to give the usual can or can’t lesson a funny twist. I had a lot of games and material and exercises with various can or can’t sentences, so I picked some out and gathered them together on this grid. Print the grid and cut it out, put it in a bag and get the students to pick one each. You can either get them to do it themselves and “prove” to the class that they actually can do what the slip of paper they picked says, or you c...
  • CAN - CAN'T - ESL worksheets
    CAN - CAN'T
    By teteprata
    Exercises to practice/reinforce the use of CAN/CAN´T for ability. It can also be used as homework. Page 2 has the black and white version. Page 3 has the answers. IT WAS FIRST PUBLISHED BY MYSELF IN THE ESLPRINTABLES WEBSITE IN MAY 2011.
  • Boardgame/45 cards - ESL worksheets
    Boardgame/45 cards
    By Errie
    Here's a boardgame + 45 cards to play with your students. There are mixed questions but you can of course change them in a way that it'll suit your students level. The boardgame is also fully editable. Includes the instructions how to play the game. I hope it's useful for some of you.
    Happy teaching!
  • Can you? (Ability: Questions & Answers Set 2.)) - ESL worksheets
    Can you? (Ability: Questions & Answers Set 2.))
    By Kisdobos
    Your students have to answer "Can you?" questions. I tried to write questions that are a little bit out of the ordinary, e.g. Can you teach a monkey to tell the time?, Can you rap?, etc. First, they answer with a short “Yes, I can” or “Yes, I can.” Then they tell their partner a bit more, e.g. “I can dance, but in my own style.” See sample answers for each question on Page 2. With elementary speakers, just omit the long answers and stay focused o...
  • Can/Can't Could/couldn't wksht  - ESL worksheets
    Can/Can't Could/couldn't wksht
    By juliajulia
    Allows students to practice with their modals and also help the teacher find out what the students abilities are in English
  • 'Was or Were' Grammar Guide & Practice - ESL worksheets
    'Was or Were' Grammar Guide & Practice
    By kifissia
    Was and were chart. Fill in missing words on second chart. Then fill in was or were in the sentences- in the correct form on the dotted lines. There are often more lines than needed. Read about the pirates getting ready for an adventure.
  • Can / Can't Abilities - ESL worksheets
    Can / Can't Abilities
    By syktglad
    I prepared this worksheet to work with my students can and can't. There is a bit of theory and two exercises. Hope you like it
  • All Tenses Review with KEY - ESL worksheets
    All Tenses Review with KEY
    By kifissia
    Review all your tenses- present, past, and future. For intermediate level to advanced students. Focus on the time words to write the verb correctly. This kind of review often throws students for a loop. They do fine if they know what tense is required. Key included.
  • Sink a ship - ESL worksheets
    Sink a ship
    This is a wonderful activity for drilling simple grammar structures and vocabulary.
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