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513 FREE ESL Holidays worksheets

  • Challenge for Beginners - ESL worksheets
    By Mulle
    Spelling practice for beginners. Let your students test their spelling on elementary vocabulary. It is a ws that will keep the students busy for some time and give you time to help the ones who need your help.

  • Karen's weekend *Past Simple Reading* - ESL worksheets
    By ladygargara
    A reading task to fill in past simple. Sts read the text and fill in the blanks with past simple. Then answer the questions according to the text.Key included.

  • My Holiday (Simple Past) - ESL worksheets
    By bendominium
    This lesson focuses on building confidence when talking about holidays (or vacations). It is designed to help lower levels recognise simple patterns when asking and answering questions.

  • Conversation Corner: Where in the World? (1) - ESL worksheets
    By PhilipR
    Where in the world was this photo taken? What do you think? Guess and discuss. This conversation worksheet with 1 photo and 18 questions can be used as a basis for an informal discussion about holidays, mountains, clothing, leisure activities, weather, tourism and more. It can be used for Internet research and/or giving short presentations as well.

  • Halloween traditions - ESL worksheets
    By 1mada
    A reading on Halloween traditions followed by some comprehension and personal experience questions. Hope you like it. Hugs mada :)

  • HOLIDAYS AT THE BEACH - ESL worksheets
    By ag23
    There are 5 activities 1-put a ticke next to the activities you can do at the beach and match 2-complete with question words 3- answer questions 4- true or false 5- put a tick next to the things you can see at the beach

  • New Year Resolutions. Picture Dictionary (Future tense wi... - ESL worksheets
    By Kisdobos
    TWO-PART WS. FUTURE TENSE (WILL) PRACTICE. Everyone is making promises on New Year's Eve, even though they know they will likely not keep it. this picture dictionary shows what promises these people made. Enjoy! Bless up, Kisdobos

  • On holiday/Visiting London: 7 pages - ESL worksheets
    By tulpen25
    These are worksheets I have made based on key vocabulary from an English textbook for Dutch learners. I will be making booklets for each unit & lesson from the book.

    Page 1: Solution or could be used for role-play.

    Page 2: Copy of dialogue for students.

    Page 3: Vocabulary page. I use this page first. I cut up vocabulary and have students match the English and Dutch. Then I take away the Dutch and get p...

  • Holiday postcard 17 - ESL worksheets
    By marron
    Ss use Present Perfect tense to complete the postcard.

  • Holiday Adventure (+KEY) - ESL worksheets
    By reginaze
    Story about a girl who is rescued by a dolphin. KEY included.

  • Holiday postcard 27 - ESL worksheets
    By marron
    Filling in articles (a, the) where necessary. Present Simple, Present Continuous and Simple Past as well as some names of very famous London landmarks used in the postcard.

  • An unexpected holiday - ESL worksheets
    By marron
    A holiday story with an error correction exercise. The key is included.


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