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57 FREE ESL Humor worksheets

  • By kifissia
    A companion piece to the Anger Idioms poster found here: Review of the idioms. Select all the correct answers. Discuss why the other choices are inappropriate. There are 4 pages- ws, ws in b&w, key, and a list of idioms in 2 categories- most extreme and less extreme. Have fun with it!

  • By marron
    Ws for adult socialising ;) Two versions. Key included.

  • By hatalar205
    A funny letter. No questions. Just give them a chance to take a breath.

  • By kifissia
    Don't blow your top just because there are 5 pages included here! The first a poster, the second a listing of the idioms divided into 2 categories,the third a ws to practice the idioms, the 4th a b&w version and the last the key. Remember that these 25 idioms are often used in a humorous way. So have fun with them!

  • By marron
    Ws for everyone, esp. tea lovers. two versions.
    key included.

  • By kifissia
    An icebreaker to inject a little humor in the classroom. Sometimes this is just the trick to encourage students to begin speaking. Read the jokes and discuss. Then complete your own jokes below.

  • By marron
    Another reading activity for mixed ability groups. I got a similar story in an email some time ago. As it struck me hard, I decided to share this great story with my Ss. I abridged it, slightly modified to suit different Ss needs/tastes and added some exercises to practise the Past Simple tense.
    In the uploaded Ws you can find the same text with 6 modifications. Additionally each modification comes in two versions: Version A-for stronge...

  • By kifissia
    2 Page review of the Present Simple + Continuous/Past Simple & Continuous tense with a Chuck Norris theme. Page 1 students complete the correct form of the verb and on page 2 fill in the missing helping verb. Chuck Norris is always good for a laugh.

  • By marron
    hard core ONLY for adults. Two versions. Key included.

  • By MelWise
    Translate the comic strips... what are these characters' personalities like? (use for help)

  • By kifissia
    Practice with the present continuous negative tense for beginners. Silly Saturday interjects some humor into a routine grammar worksheet. Students are to focus on the helping verbs that are so important.

  • By latsa67
    Two worksheets for practising transforming direct into reported speech and vice versa. Distribute worksheet A to one half of the class (they should report the dialogue in their notebooks) and worksheet B to the other half (they should reconstruct the original dialogue). When they have completed the task, ask them to swap worksheets and check the results.


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