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704 FREE ESL People worksheets

  • By kifissia
    There are 5 pages: the idioms poster, a page with definition cards of the idioms (could be used for conversations), a colorful ws practicing the idioms, a b&w version of the ws and a key. Who could ask for anything more?!

  • By LittleSunshine11
    This is a worksheet with ***18 PROMPTCARDS*** about famous people. Use it as a filler or revision for upper elementary, lower intermediate students and get them talking.*** HOW TO PLAY: Choose a card and use the prompts given to make sentences about the people. The info get more recognisable with every sentence. Let your classmates guess who it is. Whoever gives the right answer first gets the card/gets a point. HAVE FUN!!!

  • By LittleSunshine11
    This is a fun speaking activity for your pre-intermediate to advanced students. It is a detective story that engages students in conversation and will practice mainly questions and answers in simple present and simple past. **** You were invited to Mr Erringworth’s dinner party in his mansion. You will meet 9 people there, all of whom have some kind of relation with Mr Erringworth. Shortly after midnight, the host is found dead. It will be your t...

  • By Ktam
    Twenty-eight sentences for practicing question words. Key is included. Thank you!!!

  • By kifissia
    A companion piece to the Anger Idioms poster found here: Review of the idioms. Select all the correct answers. Discuss why the other choices are inappropriate. There are 4 pages- ws, ws in b&w, key, and a list of idioms in 2 categories- most extreme and less extreme. Have fun with it!

  • By meva
    Speaking card for young learners.
    Name, age,family, likes,dislike, hobby,free time..

  • By Mar0919
    A fun, DIFFERENT way to read a text with an interesting topic. Would you be able to live without money? Read and find out how this person managed.

  • By Marlene
    Subject pronouns: I, you, he, she, they.
    Recognition of he and she. (Exercises)

  • By Pamix
    it's an easy test that could be a great tool for you

  • By rmartinandres
    Fill in the gaps exercises and speaking activities about personality adjectives.

    Recently, I have also uploaded a ppt to work with the woksheet. Here you are the link:

  • By
    Set of cards - number one
    Print, cut and laminate the cards. Each student is given a card - you can have a pair work or group work and a speaking activity. Cards have multiple info, about names, age, address, phone number, likes, fave food, pets, jobs and daily routine. You can also ask the students to write about the people in the cards.

  • By ag23
    There is an explanation and exercises to complete with the right word, match, rewrite the sentence and write 's or ' (2 pages)


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