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207 FREE ESL Storytelling worksheets

  • Story Time - ESL worksheets
    Story Time
    By Arianey
    Practice using the simple past tense by completing the 2 fairy tales. Optional song for YL classes. (see for the video)
  • Detective Stories - ESL worksheets
    Detective Stories
    By ladygargara
    Reading Comprehension, past simple, past continuous, wh questions. KEY included.
  • Sleeping Beauty/Past Simple - ESL worksheets
    Sleeping Beauty/Past Simple
    By ladygargara
    Sts read the fairy tale and fill in the sentences with past simple. b&w included
  • Legends about the Discovery of Fire (KEY included) - ESL worksheets
    Legends about the Discovery of Fire (KEY included)
    By reginaze
    Two legends about the discovery of fire from South America and Greece. Comprehension exercises and KEY included. Editable.
  • Desert Island Story (Storytelling based on picture prompt) - ESL worksheets
    Desert Island Story (Storytelling based on picture prompt)
    By Kisdobos
    First, students have to tell the story of the little guy using all the words on the right side of the worksheet. Next, they have to add some more details to the story based on the 10 questions provided. Finally, students add to the story some of the “story phrases” at the bottom. Page 2 suggests follow-up tasks. Page 3 features my sample stories (1 short+1 long version). This story telling task could be used for almost all levels. Students on mor...
  • Conversation lesson on ghosts and supernatural things - ESL worksheets
    Conversation lesson on ghosts and supernatural things
    By mintsy
    I love this lesson :) This is one of my favorite topics to talk about with my students.
    If you like, you can do a gap fill activity. You can also have your students read and talk about the scary story (from, but heavily edited to suit my students) included as a model for writing their own scary stories.
  • Interesting facts about Americans - ESL worksheets
    Interesting facts about Americans
    By Natik
    Dear friends pls see this ws about americans. My students found it very interesting and fun, we continued our discussion next day and it was their idea, so maybe it will be of use to you!!! Good luck!
  • Creative Writing: The Most Exciting Thing I've Ever Done #6 A2 Level - ESL worksheets
    Creative Writing: The Most Exciting Thing I've Ever Done...
    By kifissia
    Another activity for the A2 My Writings booklet. This time practice with the present perfect and the past simple. There is a sample composition of an exciting event. Students are to write their own version below.There are 12 compositions in all. Bind in a spiral or use individually.
  • UP (the movie) - ESL worksheets
    UP (the movie)
    By Apodo
    The story of ´Up´, the children´s movie released by Disney/Pixar in 2009. The reading is followed by mixed exercises, including work with verbs, adjectives, opposites and vocabulary (names of animal young, collective nouns), comprehension and writing short notes. Fully editable. Answer Key included.

  • A Ghost Story - ESL worksheets
    A Ghost Story
    By peggy
    Picture description
  • Past Tense - Writing  - ESL worksheets
    Past Tense - Writing
    By mabelsepu
    It's an Interactive Writing Task. It is focused on Reading and Writing connections.

    Enjoy it!!!
  • a (video) story with a moral 1g - ESL worksheets
    a (video) story with a moral 1g
    By marron
    This is a video story with a filling gaps exercise for Ss. A great listening-reading activity with an inspiring story. For the video go to and search for 'Philosophy Professor"
    The pictures are some of the video shots.
    The key is included.
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