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358 FREE ESL Travel worksheets

  • Conversation Corner - Where in the World (6): Landmarks - ESL worksheets
    By PhilipR
    Where in the world can these landmarks be found? What do you think? Guess and discuss. This conversation worksheet with 10 landmarks and 7 questions can be used as a basis for an informal discussion about landmarks, tourism, culture, national identity, pride, and more. It can be used for Internet research and/or giving short presentations as well.

  • I can't travel without ... - ESL worksheets
    By xcharo
    Reading Comprehension
    -Multiple choice cloze test
    -Answer questions
    -Find synonyms
    -Write a paragraph about yourself

  • Let´s talk about TRAVEL - ESL worksheets
    By PhilipR
    This worksheet contains 18 conversation cards, an interview box and a hands-on task (drawing 2 flags). The cards can be cut out if desired and be used as conversation questions. Can be used with both young learners and adults (elementary to intermediate).

  • Phrasal Verbs related to Travel - ESL worksheets
    By Arianey
    A worksheet and questions to learn and practice travel phrasal verbs. Useful for Trinity Grade 6.

  • Travel Board Game - ESL worksheets
    By Mulle
    The board game is about travel and travelling. You can make it fit your students as it is fully editable. It is always nice to bring a little fun into the lessons and this board game will provide fun.

  • Let's talk about TOURISM - ESL worksheets
    By PhilipR
    This worksheet contains 18 conversation cards and two vocabulary matching exercises (one with pictures). The cards can be cut out if desired and be used as conversation questions. Can be used with both young learners and adults (elementary to intermediate).

  • At The Airport - ESL worksheets
    By mutxamel
    Everyday conversation at the airport between passenger and airport staff. Then a worksheet to make a dialogue.

  • Travelling - speaking - ESL worksheets
    By denfer
    Various questions to speak about travelling.

  • Booking a hotel room - ESL worksheets
    By Marg
    Dialogue between a hotel receptionist and a person making an enquiry over the telephone and then booking a room. Good for giviing information, spelling and saying numbers.

  • At the Airport - ESL worksheets
    By redcamarocruiser
    This worksheet has authentic vocabulary used at the airport: TSA (Transportation Security Administration), overweight luggage fee, metal detector, scanner. A recent traveler, all the newly implemented security restrictions and procedures at the airport made an impression on me. Includes dialogs, True false questions, and openended questions.Thanks to Philip Roeland for the template. Illustrations are in the public domain.

  • Grammar and vocabulary exercises for students of tourism ... - ESL worksheets
    By myszunia
    I used the exercises with my students as a revision of units 8 and 9 from the book "English for International Tourism" pre-intermediate. There are two parts: in grammar part there´s an exercise on different ways of expressing future (future simple, to be going to, present continous. The other exercise revises the use of modal verbs and some vocabulary used at the plane. The second part - vocabulary focuses on the travelling words, some airport vo...

  • Unseen London - ESL worksheets
    By marron
    Another worksheet for mixed-ability groups. Ss work on prepositions. The same text, the same outcome but instructions should match your Ss different abilities. Three groups. The key is included.


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