7 FREE ESL Conditionals - I wish / If only Powerpoint presentations, exercises

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  • Points Game - ESL powerpoints
    Points Game
    By potter545
    This is a simple game I created for 1st and 2nd grade elementary school. Fairly simple. Get students to practice vocabulary or do a sente...
  • Conditional Sentences PPTx - ESL powerpoints
    Conditional Sentences PPTx
    By Pachy
    PPtx about Conditional Sentences. It also includes time sentences and "wish sentences". I've added some exercises between slides so you ...
  • wishes, regrets, past tenses with hypothetical meanings - ESL powerpoints
    wishes, regrets, past tenses with hypothetical...
    By zsitku
    The aim is to practise how to express wishes, regrets, preferences. Using visuals your students need to make sentences with different pas...
  • The Magic gold fish - ESL powerpoints
    The Magic gold fish
    By celinabui
    Guide the Students who are learning english, know how to use "wishes" for the present tense and practice in the situation through the int...
  • hypothetical situations in the present - ESL powerpoints
    hypothetical situations in the present
    By oksanaz
    this powerpoint presentation is aimed at intermediate - upper-intermediate students to explain grammar material of wishes, using structur...
  • If Only I wish - ESL powerpoints
    If Only I wish
    By Josuemattos
    This powerpoint presentation aims to explain the use of the structures "if only" and "I wish" in a simple and practical way. Please conta...
  • Wishes and bones - ESL powerpoints
    Wishes and bones
    By ancarada
    Different meanings and ways of using . A nice power point presentation about the etymology and the meaning of wishbone, funny bone and ba...
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