225 FREE ESL teaching tips, activities

  • To Be - Free ESL teaching tips
    To Be
    By esin87
    Powerpoint activity about 'to be'.
  • Role play - Business meeting - Free ESL teaching tips
    Role play - Business meeting
    By luke13
    Role play – Introductions and discussions at a business meeting Situation - You work at a company called “Frio Express” in Mexico. Your c...
  • Games to practise speaking - Free ESL teaching tips
    Games to practise speaking
    By JuliaPal
    1. One person thinks of an object (person, place, thing). Everyone takes turns asking "yes/no" questions. You can't ask "wh" questions. ...
  • 100 most common words in English - Quiz - Free ESL teaching tips
    100 most common words in English - Quiz
    By Kisdobos
    Can your students guess the 100 most common words in the English language? This quiz got me totally engaged when I did some time ago. Yo...
  • Dealing with noisy students - Free ESL teaching tips
    Dealing with noisy students
    By PhilipR
    SITUATION: When classes get too noisy or students are talking too loudly among themselves, many teachers raise their voice in order to de...
  • Classroom GAMES with very young learners - Free ESL teaching tips
    Classroom GAMES with very young learners
    By laprins
    MY BLOG http://laiaprincep.wordpress.com/(image)
  • No lesson ready? Do this - Free ESL teaching tips
    No lesson ready? Do this
    By MrsFrobisher
    So, there you are, in front of the class and your lesson is in your bag, which you left on the bus. Try this.LESSON ON TREES.1) Draw a tr...
  • Time bomb game - Free ESL teaching tips
    Time bomb game
    By Kisdobos
    I use this party game called Tick Tack Bumm to practise class words. (I'm sure it's an internationally distributed game). The game comes ...
  • Teaching the verb "to be" - Free ESL teaching tips
    Teaching the verb "to be"
    By milkanne
    The verb to be is difficult at the beginning. So I started a fun way of reminding students of the correct form. Each time a student makes...
  • Speak your mind- your city - Free ESL teaching tips
    Speak your mind- your city
    By IzaMarie
    The teacher could promote a debate about what is good and bad about the city the students live in. It could get started with some fact or...
  • Grammar Casino - Free ESL teaching tips
    Grammar Casino
    By Kisdobos
    I played this with my ninth graders when we were practising the present simple vs progressive tenses. You can use any online quiz for th...
  • Can you make a sentence?  - Free ESL teaching tips
    Can you make a sentence?
    By IzaMarie
    This activity can be practiced with begginers or elementary sts.Good to practice grammar, writing and vocabulary. It may be used as an ex...
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