138 FREE ESL teaching tips, activities for high school students

  • Games to practise speaking - Free ESL teaching tips
    Games to practise speaking
    By JuliaPal
    1. One person thinks of an object (person, place, thing). Everyone takes turns asking "yes/no" questions. You can't ask "wh" questions. ...
  • 100 most common words in English - Quiz - Free ESL teaching tips
    100 most common words in English - Quiz
    By Kisdobos
    Can your students guess the 100 most common words in the English language? This quiz got me totally engaged when I did some time ago. Yo...
  • Dealing with noisy students - Free ESL teaching tips
    Dealing with noisy students
    By PhilipR
    SITUATION: When classes get too noisy or students are talking too loudly among themselves, many teachers raise their voice in order to de...
  • Time bomb game - Free ESL teaching tips
    Time bomb game
    By Kisdobos
    I use this party game called Tick Tack Bumm to practise class words. (I'm sure it's an internationally distributed game). The game comes ...
  • Teaching the verb "to be" - Free ESL teaching tips
    Teaching the verb "to be"
    By milkanne
    The verb to be is difficult at the beginning. So I started a fun way of reminding students of the correct form. Each time a student makes...
  • Grammar Casino - Free ESL teaching tips
    Grammar Casino
    By Kisdobos
    I played this with my ninth graders when we were practising the present simple vs progressive tenses. You can use any online quiz for th...
  • Can you make a sentence?  - Free ESL teaching tips
    Can you make a sentence?
    By IzaMarie
    This activity can be practiced with begginers or elementary sts.Good to practice grammar, writing and vocabulary. It may be used as an ex...
  • Divide class into groups by using (cotton) thread - Free ESL teaching tips
    Divide class into groups by using (cotton) thread
    By ksfredriksen
    This way of dividing a group of of students into smaller groups is popular among my students.1. If you have 12 students, make 12 pieces o...
  • Rhyming Words Game - Free ESL teaching tips
    Rhyming Words Game
    By MrsFrobisher
    This is a very simple game, but I find that students love it. You need a soft ball. If you can have the students standing in a circle, al...
  • Guess who- Classmates - Free ESL teaching tips
    Guess who- Classmates
    By IzaMarie
    This activity is good for classmates describe themselves and get to know each other better. 1- The teacher writes the sts' names in littl...
  • Nothing planned? Do this - no prep needed.  - Free ESL teaching tips
    Nothing planned? Do this - no prep needed.
    By MrsFrobisher
    ALL ABOUT CRISPS. Start with a packet of crisps. Show a packet, or an image of a packet if possible.Activities:Mindmap - how many flavour...
  • Lesson starters - Free ESL teaching tips
    Lesson starters
    By MrsFrobisher
    Start your lessons with a collocation activity. Here are some fun sentences to get a discussion going about different meanings for the sa...
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