6 FREE ESL Science Powerpoint presentations, exercises

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  • Renewable or....not renewable? That is the question!!! - ESL powerpoints
    Renewable or....not renewable? That is the question!!!
    By simiama2
    An easy Power Point Presentation about renewable and non-renewable energy sources. It could be used to introduce the topic of energy sour...
  • Science quizzes  - ESL powerpoints
    Science quizzes
    By katielove
    It's a games about science quizzes. It contains general or surprising facts based on science so that students are interested. It can be ...
  • The Milky Way Quiz - ESL powerpoints
    The Milky Way Quiz
    By serene
    The aim of this quiz is to test students' knowledge on the Milky Way Galaxy, and revise relevant vocabulary in an enjoyable way. It conta...
  • Choosing a Profession - ESL powerpoints
    Choosing a Profession
    By zhilinanna
    This ppt by one of my students aims to present the profession of a surgeon.It tells briefly about surgery,gives some facts from the hist...
  • Bones in Human Body - ESL powerpoints
    Bones in Human Body
    By emmaduncan
    The human skeleton is the internal framework of the body. It is composed of around 270 bones at birth – this total decreases to around 20...
  • States of Matter - ESL powerpoints
    States of Matter
    By valdofilo92
    Vocabulary lesson for the states of matter and the states of water. It was made for a grade three class at an international school in Bei...
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