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  • No lesson ready? Do this
    By MrsFrobisher
    So, there you are, in front of the class and your lesson is in your bag, which you left on the bus. Try this.


    1) Draw a tree on the board and ask the students to draw their own tree. Label the parts of the tree. Trunk, branch, twig, leaf/leaves, roots, fruits. SPIN-OFF ACTIVITY here: some irregular plurals.

    2) Mind map or think, pair, share: where do we find trees? (in fields, by rivers, lining avenues, in gardens, in parks etc.....)

    3) Mind map 2: What creatures live in trees? (birds, bats, squirrels, monkeys, snakes, lemurs, lizards etc)

    SPIN-OFFACTIVITY 2: in pairs, choose any two of these animals and compare them:

    Consider: what can they do? (fly/climb etc), what do they eat? Which one is the biggest/ the most intelligent, etc.

    4) Write down 6 adjectives: wiry, spooky/scary, beautiful, leafy, tall, conical. Go around the class and allocate each student one of the adjectives. In three minutes, they have to draw a tree which illustrates their adjective.

    PLENARY: what do you like about trees? Why do we need trees? (They use up carbon dioxide and they give off oxygen)

    For more advanced students: what part do trees play in literature? They symbolise beauty or witchcraft etc.

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  • Rhyming Words Game
    By MrsFrobisher
    This is a very simple game, but I find that students love it. You need a soft ball. If you can have the students standing in a circle, all the better. You say a word and throw the ball to a specific student. They have to say a word which rhymes with the word you said. Then, that student throws it to another student who gives another rhyming word. (Or they throw it back to you after each word). When one student gets stuck and can\'t think of a word, they are out, or they lose a life. Then you give another word. Some good words to start off with: say/run/go/tree etc..... Be careful! As an English teacher in England, I wouldn\'t give any words ending in -uck. I would give \'it\' but I remind them, \'no swear words!\'
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  • Nothing planned? Do this - no prep needed.
    By MrsFrobisher
    ALL ABOUT CRISPS. Start with a packet of crisps. Show a packet, or an image of a packet if possible.


    Mindmap - how many flavours can you name? (Cheese and onion/ chicken/barbecue/salt and vinegar etc....) Make 2 columns:

    Meat/vegetarian and put the flavours in the right column.

    What do thye come from? From farms -

    Draw a timeline. Farmer plants the potato seeds/they grow/they are harvested/transported to the factories - washed/sliced/packaged/taken to the shops.


    How many farm animals can you name? List from biggest to smallest. How many methods of transport can you name? List from fastest to slowest.

    Activity: think up a new flavour for crisps. Design a packet for your crisps. Well, there\'s more than an hour\'s work here!
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  • Lesson starters
    By MrsFrobisher
    Start your lessons with a collocation activity. Here are some fun sentences to get a discussion going about different meanings for the same word. 1) Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like bananas. 2) Seven days with no pizza makes one weak. 3) The best way to communicate with a fish is to drop him a line. 4) Diet slogan: are you going the wrong weigh? 5) Two silkworms had a race and they ended up in a tie. 6) A dog gave birth to her puppies on a busy road and was accused of littering. Or put the word CRASH on the board in a spider chart and elicit or write up the different meanings. a) A crash is a collision between 2 cars. b) A crash in the finance market is a fall. c) If you crash a party, you go uninvited. d) If you crash out, you go to sleep. e) If your computer crashes, it breaks down.
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