English Language Teacher in Montessori School

Pre-school/kindergarten teacher wanted by Montessori Academy
Native speakers
Min. 1 year
No degrees expected
At Montessori Academy, we celebrate the diversity of our people. We believe that every member of our team brings something truly unique and valuable to our classrooms and communities. Teachers at Montessori Academy are the guiding light of our centres.

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Pre-school/kindergarten teacher

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Student type:

1-5 years

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Work as employee

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Montessori Academy provides a loving and nurturing child-centered environment where children can thrive. By following the child,he or she is able to develop independence, ,motor skills,coordination, concentration, language, and sensorial skills. These traits are the building blocks in confidence,kindness, respect, patience.

Our school respects the Montessori philosophy of “follow the child”. The Montessori approach to education is grounded in the belief that children have a dynamic inner desire to explore and learn about their environment. From birth to 6 years old, this periods the most important stage in one’s whole life. We provide a loving and nurturing environment where children can thrive. Each child advances through the curriculum at their own pace, guided by teachers, and by following an individualized learning plan. These traits are the building blocks of kindness,leadership, respect, and patience.

In Preschool stage, there are five areas we need to focus on regarding interest and requirement development of children:

1. Practise Life
Practical life education is the base of Montessori education. To become independent, children must develop motor coordination and control. Through these tasks and experiences, children learn to concentrate, coordinate their movements, develop fine and gross motor skills, and to be graceful in social encounters.
2. Sensorial
The materials and exercises are designed to develop the child’s sensorial perception. As they are seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, touching, and further exploring the sensorial properties of these materials, children begin to classify and eventually name objects and attributes in their environment, such as colors, shapes, dimensions, textures and sounds.
3. Mathematics
The Montessori Math Materials and lessons help children to develop an understanding of math concepts through the manipulation of sequential hands-on materials. Montessori mathematic material is designed full of wisdom and thought, from simple to complex, easy to hard, and from concrete to abstract.
4. Language
Dr. Montessori observed that young children are in a “sensitive period” for absorbing language, both spoken and written. Introduction of the Montessori “Sandpaper letters” associates each spoken sound with its symbol (letter), while providing tactile, auditory, and visual connections that support the development of writing and, eventually, reading.
5. Art & Culture
Science, geography, history, art and music are all integrated into the early childhood environment and are presented in sensorial ways with specially designed materials and the opportunities for real life experience. Children at different ages could get to know different level of knowledge and explore more by themselves.

Shanghai, China

Who we are looking for

  1. Language proficiency

    Native speakers

  2. Experience

    Min. 1 year

    (Experience in earlychildhood education or relevant)

  3. Qualification

    No degrees expected

  4. Willingness to develop as a Montessori teacher in the future

What we offer

  1. Paid holidays for the Spring Festival and Christmas, Annual flight tickets
  2. Real Montessori education environment and complete Montessori materials
  3. Intensive professional training and career development opportunities
  4. Experienced management team
  5. Competitive salary, Bonus, Medical insurance, Housing allowance

Shanghai, China

Job location

Montessori Academy

About the employer

Montessori Academy offers an extensive and meaningful education to our students by implementing the Montessori philosophy. Our mixed-age classes combine Chinese and Western cultures by including teachers and students from both origins. A beautiful comfortable environment, eco-friendly materials and responsible, qualified teaching team ensure your children's safety,enjoyment and meaningful experiences. By allowing the child to learn at their own pace, he or she is able to develop independence,motor skills, coordination, concentration, language, art, and sensorial skills. We fulfil our mission with love and responsibility, building an outstanding platform to offer a splendid beginning for children. Montessori Academy is an American Montessori society (AMS) Member school.
Our Background

Far East Horizon Group is a leading innovative financing and leasing service organization in China, providingintegrated financial services for multiple fields. It has always been focusing on the investment and operation of high-end schools under the guidance of "Finance + Industry" strategy. Far East Horizon was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in March of 2011.

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