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ESL / EFL teacher wanted by Real English Academy First work day: ASAP
Native speakers
0 years (beginners, too)
BA in any subject
Any accredited 100+ hour English teaching certif.
We are currently looking for teachers available for an immediate start date. As a licensed and registered English language academy, we have permission to offer legal residence permits, work visas and Foreign Expert Certificates to our teachers.

Job details


ESL / EFL teacher

Work hours:


Student type:

1-5 years , 6-10 years , 11-14 years , 15-18 years , 18+ years

Group size:


Contract term:


Contract type:

Work as employee

Institution type:

Language school

School authority:


Established in 2012, we are the first and only dedicated native teacher-based English training school in Zhanjiang, and have just opened our second campus in downtown Zhanjiang. We are a joint Sino-US private language academy, specializing in education for students of all ages, from age 4 to adults. We would love for you to join us.


Job Status:Off-line
Work Strength:30-40 Hours
Industry:Preschool Education,Secondary Education,Higher Education,Training Institution,Others
Working Days A Week:5 days
Salary Type:Month
Payment Method:Bank Transfer ,Others
Recruitment:4 Person
Closing time of recruitment:2025-01-01

Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China

Who we are looking for

  1. Language proficiency

    Native speakers

  2. Experience

    0 years (beginners, too)

  3. Qualification

    BA in any subject + Any accredited 100+ hour English teaching certif.


What we offer

  1. Legal Z-Work visa, residence permit and foreign expert certificate
  2. 16000 RMB base salary (26 teaching and 4 office hours per week) (Salary can increase depending on contracted working hours and experience)
  3. 1000 USD contract completion or renewal bonus
  4. 150 RMB/hour for teaching overtime
  5. Free furnished apartment
  6. Free Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese (or both!) lessons per week
  7. Further contract details available upon receipt of application

Zhanjiang, China

Job location

Real English Academy

About the employer

Zhanjiang Real English Academy follows the philosophy that global communication in the modern era requires knowledge of English. We believe that providing an immersive language environment not only provides the best means of acquiring the ability to communicate in English but also ensures speakers acquire native accents and grammatical knowledge. Accordingly, we do not use Chinese assistants in the classroom. Each teacher is encouraged to develop their own teaching methodology, one that best suits their personality.

English teaching is a skill, one which needs to be honed over time. At Real English Academy, we strive to build professional skills and confidence in our teaching staff. Through regular meetings with management and ongoing training opportunities, our teachers gain new ideas to integrate into their lessons and improve their classroom and time management skills. For teachers interested in longer term professional development, both senior teacher and management track options are available.

English for young learners (age 3-5), primary school English (age 6-9), intermediate school English (age 10-12), middle and high school English, and practical English for adults.

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