Director of Studies: IH Quito

Director of studies wanted by International House First work day: 2019-09-01
Proficient speakers
0 years (beginners, too)
BA in any subject
Any accredited 100+ hour English teaching certif.
The Director of Studies is responsible for managing the teachers at IH Quito on behalf of the centre. This includes observing teachers regularly, ensuring teacher training and development opportunities, carrying out appraisals and helping with recruitment and retention.

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Director of studies

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Work as employee

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Language school

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Apart from managing teachers, the Director of Studies is also responsible for the academic management of the school, overseeing placement testing, timetabling of classes and teachers and ensuring assessment and evaluation policies are adhered to.

The ideal Director of Studies will be conscientious and organized with previous experience of managing a group of teachers and with an intermediate level of Spanish.

About the school and City:
IH Quito affiliated to IH World Organisation of language schools in 2014, and is an authorized Cambridge English Language Assessment centre covering the Sierra region of Ecuador. IH Quito is an established and well-known school in the city, offering general English, exam preparation, YL courses and teacher training.

IH Quito is in the central business district of Quito, the capital city of Ecuador.
At an elevation 2,850 metres above sea level and located right on the equator, Quito is truly a unique city. In the heart of the Ecuadorian Andes it boasts breathtaking views of surrounding mountains and volcanoes. Quito has one of the largest, least-altered and best-preserved historic centres in the Americas and was among the first World Cultural Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO in 1978.

Ecuador is one of the smaller South American countries but is unbelievably diverse, from pristine Jungle, to Andean Paramo to tropical beaches and of course the Galapagos Islands, meaning you will have no shortage of options when planning a trip during one of the many Ecuadorian national holidays

Quito, Ecuador

Who we are looking for

  1. Language proficiency

    Proficient speakers

  2. Experience

    0 years (beginners, too)

  3. Qualification

    BA in any subject + Any accredited 100+ hour English teaching certif.


What we offer

  1. Salary: $1500 - $1800 depending on experience, qualifications and references
  2. Visa: Free visa
  3. Holiday: four weeks paid leave per annum (not including Public Holidays)

Quito, Ecuador

Job location

International House

About the employer

International House is one of the largest and oldest groups of language schools in the world. Founded in 1953, we are a global network of 160 language schools in more than 50 countries. Schools in the network teach English, Spanish, German, French and a wide variety of other languages. Across our network, IH schools train about half of all CELTA graduates in the world. We have well over 200,000 students, and our schools employ in excess of 5,800 teachers.

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