ESL Teacher Required in the Heart of Central America

ESL / EFL teacher wanted by Western International School of Honduras
Proficient speakers
Min. 1 year
Any accredited 100+ hour English teaching certif.
ESL Teachers are required at Western International School. Santa Rosa de Copán - in the heart of Central America

Job details


ESL / EFL teacher

Work hours:


Student type:

1-5 years , 6-10 years , 11-14 years , 15-18 years

Group size:


Contract term:


Contract type:

Work as employee

Institution type:

Kindergarten , Primary school , Middle school (junior high school) , High school (secondary school)

School authority:


We are located in the Western of Honduras. Enjoy the opportunity of living in a colonial city, a beautiful and tranquil place, live the experience of explore the Mayan Ruins at Copán Ruinas, visit our hot spring waters in Gracias and many more interesting places around our city.

Profesional Requirements
- Original Documents (updated resume, certifications, reference letters, copy of passport, copy of social security, police records checkup, updated health certificate).
- Preparation on how to teach ESL Students

Hiring Process
#1 - Click on Apply button and send resume, passport copy, actual photo, cover letter, reference letters (3).
#2 - Have a skype interview.
#3 - Fill up an employee application (we will provide)
#4 - School will send a form for you to answer
#5 - Check references
#6 - Exchange emails to clarify doubts
#7 - If the selection team decides to hire, sign in the contract

Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

Who we are looking for

  1. Language proficiency

    Proficient speakers

  2. Experience

    Min. 1 year

    (Proof of prior teaching experiences)

  3. Qualification

    Any accredited 100+ hour English teaching certif.

  4. Be able to write annual, bimester and daily plannings
  5. Be able to apply differenciated instruction and evaluation to students with special needs
  6. Be open to respond students questions and doubts
  7. Be able to use technology and innovative methods in class
  8. Be willing to uphold the school philosophy and principles
  9. Know how to work as part of a team in a respectful, colaborative and supportive manner

What we offer

  1. Housing - The School rents an apartment building exclusive for foreign teachers. The teachers pay public services (water and energy)
  2. Health Insurance - 80% of the expenses are covered by the insurance company. Transportation: the school picks you up when you arrive to the airport. Also it provides transportation to the school in the morning.
  3. Work Visa - The school is responsable to get the work permission and assumes the fee.

Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

Job location

Western International School was born with the objective of offering a high quality education, where our students can have the opportunity to prepare themselves with the highest standards and to achieve the global competences they need to succeed in any field. That is why this institution struggles day by day, innovating, continuously improving and searching for the best academic, technological and human resources to achieve such objectives.

But beyond that it is necessary to inculcate spiritual and moral values that allow to put at the service of a society their knowledge, to contribute to the development and well-being of our country. Our students are called to be agents of change that can make a society more just, more human.

Welcome to the tour of our institution, we invite you to be part of this leading educational community in Central America.

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