Volunteer teacher in North Sumatra

ESL / EFL teacher wanted by Bukit Lawang Trust
Proficient speakers
0 years (beginners, too)
No degrees expected
Do you love working with young children and adults? Are you passionate about education? Come, and join us!

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ESL / EFL teacher

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Foundation (trust)

The Bukit Lawang Trust building is a community and education center where the local community and children feel welcome. English classes take place week day afternoons.

After the initial orientation, you will volunteer for roughly 4-6 hours per day during the week and a typical schedule is as follows:

8:00 AM Volunteers wake up and get breakfast. Breakfast and all meals are vegetarian.
Kindergarten lessons begin in the morning, with a half hour break in the middle; volunteers are responsible for only 45 minutes of kindergarten class, where we focus on learning through play and smaller groups.​

10.45 AM - 12:00 PM Volunteers take a quick break, and then typically start on household jobs such as painting, maintaining, making signs, gardening, preparing lessons or working on personal jobs. ​

12:00-2:00 PM Lunch is served and typically volunteers eat together. After lunch volunteers have free time to relax, prepare lessons, or just sit and chat.

2:00 - 4:00 Afternoon English lessons are two one-hour lessons. Each class comes twice per week. Volunteers are required to discuss the syllabus with the head of education.

4:00-5:00 PM Most days have an extra class such as green class, which focuses on recycling and conservation topics​

The Richard Cann Reading Room is available to volunteers, which is a resource room for learning about wildlife and conservation donated in memory of Richard Cann, a young conservationist who sadly lost his life in Sumatra.

Evenings and weekends are free to go into town, socialize with the locals, play music and cards, or to simply relax in a hammock at the school.

Program Fee $USD
4 weeks: $390
6 weeks: $640
8 weeks: $850
10 weeks: $1125
12 weeks: $1300

Yayasan Bukit Lawang Trust Dusun III, Timbang Jaya Jalan Besar, Bukit Lawang, Bohorok, Langkat Regency, Sumatra Indonesia 20774, Indonesia

Who we are looking for

  1. Language proficiency

    Proficient speakers

  2. Experience

    0 years (beginners, too)

  3. Qualification

    No degrees expected

Sumatra Indonesia, Indonesia

Job location

Bukit Lawang Trust

About the employer

Bukit Lawang Trust - Established in 2003. We are a Charitable Trust we’re working to enhance the education of the community of the village of Bukit Lawang and the people of this region and to engage in Environmental and wildlife projects in connection with the endangered Leuser Ecosystem.​

We are a grassroots organisation. We were established in 2003 after the flash flood that wiped out the village of Bukit Lawang. Since that time we have worked with the community to improve the quality of life and education in the area and to protect the precious Leuser Ecosystem. We believe in a holistic approach to conservation and through working with local communities we can better protect the natural environment.

Bukit Lawang is located next to the magnificent Leuser Ecosystem which is the last place on earth to find tigers, elephants, rhinos and orangutans living together in the wild. We believe that poverty reduction greatly improves conservation efforts and the chances of success, so we work with local communities to improve education and social enterprise to help protect this precious area of the earth. The global green belt is the earth's lungs and we believe we should protect it for future generations.

Our Education Centre has seen hundreds of children come through its doors for free english lessons and extra lessons such as arts and crafts, maths, computer lessons and traditional dance.​

We run a free kindergarten every morning and have helped children to learn to read and write at all ages. We believe in education being the best route out of poverty and to the opportunity for a better life for the future.​

Since 2003 we have had over 40 volunteers and taught more than 1200 children. We have had countless volunteers visit and offer their time to help to build the Trust both physically and through each and every contribution, whether it's painting, teaching, assisting or offering their skills and experience in education or conservation projects. Thank you to everyone!​

Aini was our first teacher who we sponsored to go to University to study English. Nurul is the second teacher we are sponsoring to go to university and we support many more children to get an education.​

The main ethos of the Trust is that education is the best route out of poverty and so we just offer the opportunity for young people to learn and increase their knowledge of the world and the environment through our lessons.

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