Online English teacher

ESL / EFL teacher wanted by Bedakid First work day: ASAP
Native speakers
Min. 1 year
BA in any subject
Any accredited 100+ hour English teaching certif.
If you are passionate about working with children, this is the right place for you. Come and join us!

Job details


ESL / EFL teacher

Work hours:


Student type:

1-5 years , 6-10 years , 11-14 years

Group size:


Contract term:


Contract type:


Institution type:

Language school

School authority:


Job Status:On-line
Work Strength:Less Than 10 Hours
Industry:Preschool Education,Secondary Education
Working Days A Week:5 days
Salary Type:Hour
Currency:US Dollar
Payment Method:Payoneer
Recruitment:10 Persons

Responsibilities and Duties:

The Basics of the Online English Teacher Role:
- The classes: 25-minute, 1-on-1 classes to 3-12 years old Chinese students
- The curriculum: Original U.S. elementary school material, with prepared lesson plans and in-class activities.
- Working time: Must open a minimum of 40 lessons per month
- Peak hour is 17:00PM-21:30PM China time. While you can pick the days and hours you’d like to work from the peak hour, a fixed schedule must be maintained, so arrange your working time with great caution and sense of responsibility.
- Location: teaching can be remote from your own home!
- What you need: a computer, stable and high-speed internet connection(with cable), a webcam and a headset.

Who we are looking for

  1. Language proficiency

    Native speakers

    (United Kingdom,Canada,United States,Australia)

  2. Experience

    Min. 1 year

    (either online or offline teaching, public school or private education institution. Other experience that might help with your teaching)

  3. Qualification

    BA in any subject + Any accredited 100+ hour English teaching certif.

    (BA degree or higher (Majoring in English and/or Education will be an asset.) We do ONLY accept applications from applicant with BA Degree obtained from U.S or Canada or UK. Teaching certificate, state certification, TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, or PGCE)

  4. Legal working age
  5. Eligibility to work in the U.S or Canada or UK

What we offer

  1. The pay: Depends on your educational and professional experience, and also the performance in the interview, the guaranteed pay for part-time teacher ranges from 12$-$16/hour plus the opportunity to earn more through bonus and referrals

Online (remote) work


About the employer

Shenzhen Beida Education Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in online education for children aged 4-16 years. It is a strategic partner of McGraw-Hill Education, a world-renowned education publishing group. It was awarded “2018 China Famous Children's English Brand” by Tencent. Based on the values of honesty, pragmatism and innovation, we adhere to the education-oriented, technology-assisted, pursuit of the ultimate teaching quality concept, and create a network of online children's English schools worthy of parents' trust.

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