Teaching English as a Volunteer in Peru

ESL / EFL teacher wanted by PERU Vivential First work day: ASAP
Proficient speakers
Min. 1 year
No degrees expected
Help teaching English to local children and get involved in the peruan culture.

Job details


ESL / EFL teacher

Work hours:


Student type:

1-5 years , 6-10 years , 11-14 years

Group size:


Contract term:

1-6 months

Contract type:


Institution type:


School authority:

Foundation (trust)

Because public education in Peru significantly lacks funding, and the majority of the community cannot afford private schooling, the members of our community have very few opportunities for education. Thus, children are born into poverty and few are ever able to rise up and become empowered. Recognizing that many members of La Esperanza are born into this type of poverty and have few job opportunities, our organization's founders decided to broaden the horizons of our friends and neighbors through providing education. There is no greater freedom than knowledge. This belief defines the philosophy at our organization which offers English classes completely free of charge to people of all ages in the hopes of creating an equal opportunity for everyone to receive a quality education.

We believe that education is one of the best ways to help a person out of poverty, and by providing free English, computer, music, football, art and more classes, this allows the children and adults in Trujillo to acquire an important skill which could lead to better job opportunities. Volunteers share unique skills and knowledge with the students. At Peru Vivencial, we work in partnership with a local elementary school and also teach in our private classroom in our program called “After Classes” where children fron different schools can join and take free English clases, in the Peru Vivntial School house. At the public schools, class sizes are 30 students, ages from 5 to 13 years old. At Peru Vivential School, classes are more flexible and structured in a fun way with around 12 students per class. Also with the help of our volunteers we have created the Adults Program where volunteers share the languages they know with students from univesities or people who work and need to improve their English or other language. We provide our volunteers with a rewarding experience learning about Peruvian culture while living with volunteers from around the world. we transcend cultural barriers by promoting an appreciation of other cultures, respect for different norms, long-lasting friendships and appreciation for different ways of living all of which create an improved learning environment.

We are a group of volunteers hoping to help make a difference here in Trujillo. Come join our family and bring hope to the people of Trujillo! Thank you for your interest in our organization. We hope to hear from you soon!

Your role will consist of leading the English classes, where possible this will be done together with another volunteer. At present, the general level of English of our learners across all schools and settings is basic, and it is important that volunteers are prepared to be teaching students or learners who will more than likely be at a beginner level. Generally, volunteers will work with classes 3 times a week between 4 hours per day its flexible, and the length of lessons is usually around an hour, but can sometimes be shortened or extended depending on other activities of schools and settings.The class teacher will usually be there in the classroom with you but normally not participating. Depending on which class you teach the assistance you will receive from the teacher will vary.Specific tasks include a combination of the activities listed below:

Giving English lessons to children (sometimes there is also a demand for Arts or Sports classes).
Bringing new ideas to improve the HELP English project.
Preparing lesson plans or even a syllabus or study programme for your subject, considering what's been done in the past and what can be improved now.
Guaranteeing that all the materials used during each session are stored and put back into place afterwards. The school is open most of the year (from January to December). Volunteers can get there from Monday to Friday - in the morning (8:30 am until 11:30 am and 3 pm until 6 pm). However, it might vary according to the subject(s) you will be teaching. Do not forget you'll need some time for planning activities and staff meetings!

Minimum commitment: normally 4 weeks – could be less in exceptional circumstances or for exceptional candidate.

Most of our volunteers decide to stay in our volunteer house situated close to the historic center and only fifteen minutes from the beach by bus. The rooms are shared dorms with Wi-Fi, kitchen, bathroom, and hot water, in order to make your volunteering a great experience. The volunteer house is a friendly environment where you can enjoy the sun on our roof or relax in the main room. Plus, volunteer parties and meetings are lots of fun. Come and be part of our Family!

If you would like to stay in a quieter environment we have are able to offer you accommodation in a host family where you will share your time with a Peruvian family (with all of the same comforts as our volunteer house.) Please contact us for more information about the terms and conditions of this kind of lodging.

Not included but on request:

Meals/week Transportation from Lima/ airport/ terminal

Administration Fee:

A single payment of $ 300 US on arrival. The administration fee helps to cover the expenses for running the programs for underprivileged kids and the expenses of the volunteers.

The contribution of $ 300 US is for 1 month of staying, $ 550 US for 2 months, $ 750 US for 3 months.

Trujillo, Peru

Who we are looking for

  1. Language proficiency

    Proficient speakers

  2. Experience

    Min. 1 year

    (Some experience teaching or working with children in some way.)

  3. Qualification

    No degrees expected

  4. Age 16+ on arrival.
  5. Basic to Intermediate Spanish level when you start working - we can arrange Spanish courses for you to start on arrival, which can boost your Spanish before you start volunteering.
  6. Empathetic, responsible, pro-active and strong enough personality to deal with unexpected situations and ask for help when necessary.
  7. Relevant skills in English, Arts/Crafts or Sports.
  8. Good team player.
  9. Ability and/or confidence to deal with streetwise children.
  10. Is enthusiastic about teaching children.
  11. To love animals.
  12. Can be creative in the classroom.

What we offer

  1. Accommodation during all their staying as volunteer in our Organization, the accommodation could be in our Volunteer House or on request of the volunteers could be a Host Family.
  2. Two Spanish Classes per week each class takes one hour.
  3. Salsa Classes each week.
  4. Bachata Classes each week.
  5. Different activities we prepare each weekend for our volunteers: tours and tourist activities around the city, sandboarding practice, surf lessons, camping, trekking, sports, parties and meetings and others.
  6. All this activities are included in the contribution the volunteers give at the beginning.

Trujillo, Peru

Job location

PERU Vivential

About the employer

Our main goal is to support children from public schools with English Classes. We want to give our children equal opportunities and chances in their life, and better quality of education in languages in public schools in underprivileged towns in our city, in the same way we have the goal to help our friends the dogs, providing them with a new chance to have a better environment where they can live until they are adopted.

We are a non-profit organization with a vision to improve the quality of education in our community, and to create chances for disadvantage children through supporting free English Classes to children in public schools; also we are happy to contribute to rescue, to help and to improve the life’s quality of life of animals.

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