EFL Teacher with Qualification (NQTs welcome)

ESL / EFL teacher wanted by Language Link Russia
Native speakers
0 years (beginners, too)
Any accredited 100+ hour English teaching certif.
Language Link is looking for qualified teachers with or without experience, who are interested in acquiring or adding to their teaching experience whilst working in the Russian federation or Kazakhstan.

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ESL / EFL teacher

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Work as employee

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Language school

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Each year Language Link, Russia provides extensive employment opportunities for over 150 native English speakers who enter our academic programme in such capacities as EFL teachers, teacher-interns, volunteers and work-study placements. Our schools of English are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Samara, Kazan, Rostov na Donu, Krasnodar, Shakhti, Tagonrog, Stavropol, Cherkessk, Armavir, Novocherkassk, Ufa, Steritamak, Orenburg, Obninsk and Zelenograd. Numerous sub-centres are located within the peripheries of these cities.

Much of the success that an EFL teacher will enjoy will result from his or her ability to be flexible, open-minded and outgoing. Equally important is having a keen interest in other peoples and cultures and an empathy for the needs of one's students.

You will never be an exceptional teacher until you understand and accept the concept that teaching is an investment in your future; thus it requires your time and energy. As such, a willingness to work hard and see the job as a significant step in a long-term career, either in or outside EFL is essential. So, too, is a willingness to give of oneself and one's skills to people who are depending upon them. No less important is a willingness to learn from one's students as well as to teach them.

In general students abroad are dedicated, hard-working and conscientious; they expect the same from their teachers. Remember that you are going abroad primarily to work, not to holiday. In other words, Language Link looks for 'teachers' not 'tourists'. You will find that whatever you invest in your students will be returned a hundred-fold.

Deciding to teach abroad should be a first rather than a last choice, the opportunity should be carefully considered and the decision made in a mature and informed manner. Language Link can provide you with information on the country and the teaching post of your choice prior to your departure, but this should only be a supplement to your own research.

Finally, be prepared to overcome problems, to adapt to a new way of life and to build friendships in a different environment.

Moscow, Russia

Who we are looking for

  1. Language proficiency

    Native speakers

  2. Experience

    0 years (beginners, too)

  3. Qualification

    Any accredited 100+ hour English teaching certif.

Moscow, Russia

Job location

Language Link Russia

About the employer

Language Link was established in 1975 in London to set standards of excellence in the teaching of the English language. It is recognised by both the British Council and members of UK English. In the early 1990s, the company's focus was broadened to include the developing economies of Central and Eastern Europe and the Far East. In addition to high-quality educational standards, the company is committed to the care and development of its teachers and staff.

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