Teaching Positions at Barwaaqo University

ESL / EFL teacher wanted by Barwaaqo University
Native speakers
0 years (beginners, too)
BA in any subject
Barwaaqo University is looking for individuals interested in dedicating at least one year to teaching and building our community from the ground up.

Job details


ESL / EFL teacher

Work hours:


Student type:

18+ years

Group size:


Contract term:

1+ year

Contract type:


Institution type:


School authority:

Foundation (trust)

A hardworking, dedicated and compassionate teaching staff is an essential component to the success of Barwaaqo University students.

Teachers will help build a school culture that puts the growth of the school and the students first, while finding a way around the challenges inherent in working in the developing world. Between the classroom, preparation, student groups, coaching sports teams, office hours, and other projects, teachers should expect 50-70 hours of work each week. With successful performance, significant upward mobility is possible for faculty members, especially those with experience in finance, marketing, IT and/or communications.

We are currently accepting applications for math and English teaching positions for August 2019. Barwaaqo University is a women’s-only boarding institution and at this time is only seeking female applicants.

Barwaaqo is more than just a job; becoming a successful member of the Barwaaqo community requires teachers to fully commit themselves to the improvement of the students and the school and completely immerse themselves in the Barwaaqo environment. For teachers, the school becomes the professional life, the social life, the physical outlet, and the source of personal growth. This level of dedication and immersion is not for everyone. As a new university in a developing county, Barwaaqo is a difficult environment and only those ready to dedicate themselves to the students and the school should proceed.

Arabsiyo, Somalia

Who we are looking for

  1. Language proficiency

    Native speakers

  2. Experience

    0 years (beginners, too)

  3. Qualification

    BA in any subject

    (4-year Bachelor’s Degree)

What we offer

  1. Round-trip Airfare
  2. Emergency Health/Evacuation Insurance
  3. Room & Board
  4. $250/month stipend

Arabsiyo, Somalia

Job location

Barwaaqo University

About the employer

Barwaaqo’s success is crucial for Somali girls’ hope for a better tomorrow.

Jonathan Starr founded the Abaarso School in 2009 to develop the future leaders of Somaliland with a top-tier education based on the core values of Integrity, Tenacity and Reasoning. Abaarso has been incredibly successful with recent features on 60 Minutes, The New York Times, and BBC. Abaarso alumni have also received scholarships to top universities such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Brown and MIT.

Barwaaqo will now build upon the success of Abaarso to provide high quality university degrees for young Somali women. Barwaaqo’s first program will be a School of Education in a boarding environment that will prepare the teachers of tomorrow.

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