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I can highly recommend his training based on my first-hand experience: I took the 5-day course in gorgeous Barcelona 2 years ago. It was truly a treasure trove of practical ideas that enriched my way of teaching a great deal. It was also very refreshing to enjoy a holiday in this amazing city while learning. Apply quick: First come, first served!

Bless up,
Peter Laszlo
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Your amazing video lesson

By You

Take any YouTube or Vimeo video & create a quiz for it. Give it a try! Create a video lesson

By Zuleyner

Science topic to help students get awareness about the important of conserving the natural resources.

By garrisontw

Students listen to a "What do you want to be?" song and answer questions about the video.

By english5827

It is to check understanding of the story and also the structure of English language.

By Polinana

Answering the questions about emotions, parts of the body, simple animals and general understanding of the text

By maggie20190331

Travel theme. students should click the pictures that the lyrics mentioned about

By jacobmartin33

Short Documentary about Alan Walker to prepare for lesson about going to concerts.

By TeacherLister

Listen and understand. Answer the questions and show your understanding of the story and the language.

By ElenaZharova

Listen to the story about Gerald the Giraffe, who can't dance, and answer a few questions

By ElenaZharova

Watch this video about Gerald the Giraffe and answer a few questions to check your grammar and vocabulary skills

By periwinkleblue

Students will be able to watch a scenario of teens in a social situation, and they will be able to practice their listening comprehension skills, as well as hone their social skills.

By kyuhee

The students have to correct the sentence, choose the appropriate description for scene.
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More video lessons

By beltatiana

Has got, have got, is/am/are. Has got, have got, is/am/are.Has got, have got, is/am/are.

By figlemigle

Students watch a video and transform senteces connected with the scene into Passive Voice

By mermaid72

The very young learners are going to improve their listening skills and practise everyday English.

By hummbert

Answer with should have or could have to have a better understanding of their different use in context

By PaulinaHerrero

Understanding. Filling in the blanks. Venice has shone her light into the far corners of the world for over one and a half thousand years. Just remember, this city smiles upon those who linger. So stay for a few nights, or stay for a month, and savor every moment she has to offer.

By MarinaNataly

There are 2 kinds of questions: open-ended question for giving student's opinion and multiple choice. We discuss what things we need and want.

By mermaid72

The very young learners are going to improve their listening skills and revise Present Simple Tense.

By Soniusia1985

Students practise their listening skills and common vocabulary related to rugby competition.

By Kailashrani

Visual comprehesion focussing on the objective and the qualitative characteristics of the conceptual framework for financial reporting
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More video lessons

By AlexandreRoncada

The student must complete the gaps using the correct Preposition of Place for every sentence.

By mermaid72

The students are going to work with synonyms and phrasal verbs as well as revise present tenses.

By Drjennie

Students are asked a number of fill in the blank questions about content from a Mr. Bean video.

By paulinaklecha97

There are different tasks with have got, like, what is somebody doing, what is it, etc.

By Jantzarino

What are the man and the dog doing? Identify the verbs. Use present progressive tense.

By prestoff

The kids watch the song and answer three easy questions connected to the topic of Mother's Day


Student's task is to watch the video about London, listen and give right answers to the questions.

By dhEngSp

Students must answer questions related to comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary related to a series of clips from Toy Story.

By laurenwhaley

In this task students will listen to the movie trailer and decide what different characters are saying.

By bilgitugce

Elementary (A1) Suitable for beginners and primary school students. The ideo contains multiple choice quiz.

By rangera

understanding the story and Miguel's likes -----------------------------------------

By Rosie0901

Students do multiple choice exercises to practice how to talk about quantities with countable and uncountable Nouns.