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By You

Take any YouTube or Vimeo video & create a quiz for it. Give it a try! Create a video lesson

By Educament

Basic listening comprehension, students say the posing tips they have just heard

By thenat2000

Super fun history lesson, lots of multiple choice and open ended questions. Better for more advanced students.

By TatyanaGogoleva

You are to use the right article, mind that there are some expressions that must be learned by heart. The tasks are easy and are for children.

By Darya88

Watch the video. Put the verbs into the Past Simple Tense. All the verbs are regular.

By pimenta1

Listen and answer the questions. Did it already happen to you? If yes, how was it.

By Angelistvampz

Students will learn about theimportance of be kind ,sharing, and good behavior,

By mermaid72

The students are going to work with synonyms, revise present tenses and work on listening skills.

By pimenta1

Answer the questions and discuss the siuations: what would you do in his place?

By sajull

watch the video and do the quiz. It is a scramble sentence quiz, so listen carefully.

By reang

Students will choose the correct answer from the choices given. They will need to listen carefully to get all the answers correctly

By krumenz01

Students will listen, fill in the blanks, unscramble words, pay attention to american English
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By iaoam

Students have to decide if they are using the simple or continuous form of the verbs between brackets.

By Bloup2

In this exercise, students have to put the words in order and form sentences. They'll practise the verbs BE and HAVE (present tense), feelings (happy, sad, proud ...), as well as body parts, clothes and colours.

By ACZ81979

Short animated film. The students have to pay attention to what´s happening to make predictions, using future with will and going to, as well as identifying emotions.

By Karhar

There is some tappable pictionary as well as gap fill in present continuous tense and some vocabulary questions.

By UiriaN

This video show three people around the world, they introduce themselves and their city to whom is watching.

By christiemak

Students should watch the video and answer the questions. The task aims to ensure students understand the parts of the video.

By luriri

Let's practice irregular verbs int he Simple Past with this fun exerpt from Kung Fu Panda 2

By Maryam1438

Students practice passive voice present using a scene of an interesting funny movie

By mermaid72

The very young learners are going to improve their listening skills and revise prepositions of place.

By gp1974

The aim is to watch and listen for details as well as to practise the present continuous tense.

By sound586

listening comprehension, fill in the blank, multiple choice answers about the video

By anastasiia08

Students will need to choose right answers, and practice their listening skills.
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By Zeeep

Students complete sentences and practices the function of singular "-es" to the verbs in Simple Present Tense according to the video.

By Arhodie

Practice present simple vs present continuous with this interactive video. Where should we use present simple and where it is better to use present continuous? Negations included

By renatastr

Completing the gaps, answering the questions, unscrambling sentences, choosing correct options while watching a video.

By renatastr

Complete the tasks while watching video. Use the Present Simple tense questions .

By finddot

students will answer the questions. the should be able to be part of an English conversation.

By SARAH3322

Mr Bean and his adventures. Mr. Bean starts his new business after he was not satisfied with the pizza he ordered. Practice present simple tense.

By tanagoria

The task is mainly about making predictions as well as introducing and trainin g the constructiuon GOING TO

By jgalvan007

As students watch the video, they have to contribute with their opinions to the questions.

By frtckmz

Students should answer the questions related the scenes from the video with relative clauses.

By frfayzullin

Watch an episode of the Pink Panther and practise forming plural nouns both regular and irregular forms.

By Mrs.Basak

Elementary (A1) A funny video about the five senses, with a variety of questions

By Selma D

Based on the video the pupils will answer question about past perfect and past perfect continuous.