Create an ESL popup quiz around any Youtube or Vimeo video in minutes

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By You

Take any YouTube or Vimeo video & create a quiz for it. Give it a try! Create a video lesson

By WonderWomanAIEN

When you meet a person, you can say: Hello/ Hi. Good morning/ Good afternoon/ Good evening. 2. Step 2: Introducing yourself (

By accetin

Students listen to a vocabulary video with sample sentences and answer questions.

By hjklnbfn


By 8teacherruth8

Practice possessives with multiple choice, wrong word, and scrambled sentences.

By jo_osk

Comprehension and understanding about the video: What if we all became vegetarian? - Asap Science

By nambuppha

Students must answer questions related to body parts, basic vocabulary, food words, etc.


English speaking countries in Africa video, It is a listening comprehension exercise

By MsMagellan

Vocabulary task B2 intermediate level for practising vocabulary by watching the scene

By nambuppha

Students must answer the questions related to farm animals. Mixed practice is involved such as body parts, a vs. an, and one weather word.

By nambuppha

Students must answer questions based on the theme farm animals. Mixed practice is involved.

By nastiaovch

Students complete a series of questions which check their comprehension and help them learn new vocabulary in context
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By HenryKhoi

Mr Bean's house had a cooking disaster then he pretend to be Ms Wicket to take the armchair...

By gusabont

Elementary (A1) Students identify parts of the body, but they should also tell how many

By Siti17

Student watch and listen to video about fairytale (Little Red Riding Hood). Then student answer a quiz, according to the content of the video

By liborisovva

Students watch the video asking some questions (understanding, vocabulary, grammar)

By mermaid72

The learners are going to improve their listening skills and practise must have been+past participle.

By Djurito

Learn some english language slang units. Modern english language. Something like that.

By luismanuelk

Students answer a multiple choice task to practice vocabulary for feelings and emotions


Use Present Simple to practice your pronunciation and conjugation

By gusabont

Students should answer multiple-choice questions to say where the bugs are, reviewing words like "leaf", "flower" or "stick"

By luismanuelk

Students will answer a multiple-choice exercise where they have to identify the feelings and emotions depicted in the images

By nalvarado

Students will listen and answer the questions based on the video. The video has a variety of questions for begginners and proficient learners.

By HatchESL

The Elements of Music - Choose the right answers.
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By melaniepetre

Grammar and vocabulary exercise for beginners. The Queen of England has invited Paddington Bear to tea at the castle.

By mongevalen

Practice irregular verbs and the past simple Fill in the gaps and unscramble sentences

By Taroxchan

You can practice parts of the house and some house objects using this video.....

By wolfgurl

Students will watch the chipmunks scene and decides which part is which feeling word.

By Julia292912

Watch the video and choose the correct answers. The tasks are multiple choise only.

By KJosefina

Practice Past Simple questions - put the words in order to make a question (general and special ones)

By AchievePirituba

Students need to practice Present Continuous and Comparatives, selecting and discussing the right answers.

By ccristi211

kids will practice what they learned in their first lesson with English4kids Junior

By Rmanzon25

Students have to listen to the conversation between The Queen and Paddington Bear and answer the questions.

By agnieszkafigaj

Answer easy task like put words in order or tap on a visuals. Quiz relevant for A1 students.

By mermaid72

The young learners are going to improve their listening skills and revise Present Tenses.

By fernanda4889

Adverbs of degree ¨too, really and very¨ choose the correct answer or touch the minion