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By You

Take any YouTube or Vimeo video & create a quiz for it. Give it a try! Create a video lesson

By stephkaye

Art supplies review. Students will review art supplies of paint scissors glue and paper

By borntobewild

Turkish Present Continuous Tense activity for foreigners. By listening to this activity, they can perceive Present Continuous tense in turkish.



By LindsayWeinberg123

Watch the video and answer the questions related to theme and how to find theme in a text or video.

By JG88

Listen and pick out information and key vocabulary related to the activities of citizens advice in England and Wales

By Squik1977

Learn about the story of Harry Potter and conjugate the verbs into the simple past tense.

By MisterCiaran

Present perfect exercise with Just, Already, Yet. Multiple choice, wrong word and scrambled sentence activity

By Squik1977

Conjugate the words in the past tense, and comment on the video. Fill in the gaps and choose the right answer.

By Squik1977

oral comprehension and grammar (preterit). Understand what the characters are saying and complete with the verb, conjugated correctly.

By ludaluda2705

Taj Mahal Taj Mahal Taj Mahal

By Bethhumphreys

Answer questions about Wales.Answer questions about Wales.Answer questions about Wales.
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By kalingliu

Fill in the blanks, check for understanding, find the wrong words, multiple choices and find the extra words.

By di_vagabonda

Pupils should watch the video and answer the questions. There will be questions about basic grammar topics.


It stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, but what exactly is it and why is it so important? CNBC's Phil Han reports.

By Gruntik

Get acquainted with emtional intelligence skills listening to the author of the main book on it.

By Cynsue64

To answer true or false questions to identify the body parts

By hm93

The aim of this lesson is to learn the "as adj as sth" structure. The task is to complete the gaps with adjectives. The exercises focus on elementary vocabulary.

By hm93

The task is to listen to the video and answer questions about what was said, complete gaps in sentences or unscramble sentences.

By kalingliu

Fill in the blanks, multiple choices, check for understanding and find the wrong / extra words.

By kzarosinska

Winter Jumpers

By workandstuff2020

Rearrange the words to make a propper sentence. Also provide additional vocabulary for students.

By rlorimer

Learn English vocabulary to enable you to learn about electric circuits in science.

By workandstuff2020

Rearrange the words to make a propper sentence. Also provide additional vocabulary for students.
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By bambook

My winter vacation. My winter holiday. watch the video and do different types of tasks.

By AnnaLazareva2905

Watch and find correct answers about clothes, colours, types of rooms and transport

By NatValeriivna

Students have to practice and activate thise theme vocabulary developing word order and negatives in the present tense

By NatValeriivna

This task is created to practice food vocabulary and the rule of countable and uncountable nouns

By IldikoB

A short story about a small dog with the Present Continuous tense and basic vocabulary.

By Aleatha

Listen to the story and answer the questions. You'll review vocabulary about pets.

By WonderWomanAIEN

Minnie wants to be the perfect Nonya and cook up a storm for her beau. Mickey wants to be the perfect baba and take all the spice! But what happens when Minnie misreads the recipe and adds a tad too much chilli paid in her rempah?

By NatValeriivna

The task is created to practice verbs in the Past Simple Tense either regular or irregular


Students watch the video and answer questions about the names of the sea animals.

By Sashulka97

You need to watch the video about funny Olaf`s moments from Frozen and answer the questions about Pr Simple

By LetsLemes

Answer about simple past while watching some versions of Spider-Man while listening to Imagine Dragons.

By msbloodworth

Listen and answer the multiple choice questions about feelings and whether things are clean or dirty.