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In this episode we showcase an interactive video quiz based on a clip from The Secret Life of Pets 2, where Max and Duke go on a road trip :) We show you what we love about this quiz that our user Victoria has created, and add another methodology tip that works well with higher levels in our experience. You can find the interactive video quiz here.


Anna Csíky
iSLCollective Teacher Trainer


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Your amazing video lesson

By You

Take any YouTube or Vimeo video & create a quiz for it. Give it a try! Create a video lesson

By helenkerr

Students watch a part of the episode and answer questions about the Present Perfect Simple and Continuous.

By patricia_carollina

Students have to watch the video and pay attention to it, because at the end of the video there are questions related to it

By NgocTram11

Short animated film. The students have to pay attention to what´s happening to make predictions, using future with going to, as well as writing about your hero.

By basia12345678

Students match phrasal verbs to their definitions after hearing a part of dialogue where the expressions are used

By TatyanaGogoleva

You are to enjoy tons of marvellous adventures of Jerry and his friend Tom which are out of this world

By Ewaaaaaa

Watch a short film about Chicago and answer the questions (gap fill, sentence scramble, open-ended questions).

By DariaLapina

Learn Accessories Vocabulary and practise simple grammar by answering easy questions.

By smurfsong

Students complete gap-fill questions to practise narrative tenses. Each sentence may use past simple, continuous or perfect to explain the action in the video.

By psemo10

gap filling exercises for advanced students, students listen and try to guess the missing words.

By pete678

biking synonymsbiking synonymsbiking synonymsbiking synonymsbiking synonymsbiking synonyms

By Princi

Watch the video and do listening comprehention tasks. Answer some questions about what you hear.
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More video lessons

By maie88

Answer the comprehension questions about the stations in the Line A of subways in Buenos Aires.

By mulixita

The students are going to practice the vocabulary related to free time with the expressions "usually" and "used to".

By Rmanzon25

Students have to unscramble, fill in the gaps, choose the right answer in this video exercise.

By lidoca44

Some teacher from the UK tell us about their family and their relationship with them.

By newbeautifulmind

This is a quick, simple though very helpfull video to teach "present simple"....

By paolabrogno

A short video for students to think and elicit rules for reporting questions on their own.

By heavenlyenglish

Spelling practice - unscrumble the names of the months. Put them in the right order.

By DariaLapina

You watch the video about quantities and do some easy exercise about quantities and simple grammar

By dmps11

Watch the video to learn the expressions for apologies and answer the questions correctly.

By newbeautifulmind

This is a quick, simple though very helpfull video to teach "present continuous". It's suitable for adults and teenagers, for both B1 and B2 levels.

By Julia04107

Present Simple practice, third person singular, daily routines, Barbara Pavlin.A1

By pete678

basketball synonymsbasketball synonymsbasketball synonymsbasketball synonymsbasketball synonymsbasketball synonymsbasketball synonyms
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More video lessons

By Meeeeeel

Simple activity about routine vocabulary and sentence structure in present simple tense.

By cegica

Choose the best options! You can find Present Simple, Present Continuous and some vocabulary practice as well.

By nokhfh86

Relative clauses add information about a noun in the main clause. Use the relative pronoun who or that for people. Use the relative pronoun that or which for things and animals.

By Teacherclau777

The aim of this task is to have students active before or during the class by watching a cartoon.

By Rmanzon25

Students have to watch and unscramble the present continuous sentences from the video.

By mocellingiorgia

This video can be useful to teach simple past short answers in an alternative way.

By Mishke11094

choose the right answer in past simple. only regular verbs. there are negative forms and positive

By hayuz

This is an exercise for the students to know their understanding about the procedure text.

By WonderWomanAIEN

Guess the animals name and describing Guess the animals name and describingGuess the animals name and describing

By tiasileles

Watch the video clip and fill in exercises using the simple past tense of regular and irregular verbs

By tiasileles

Watch the video and answer multiple tasks using the past simple tense of regular and irregular verbs

By soraya27

Understand how to use positive and negative forms of could. Interrogative forms too.