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By You

Take any YouTube or Vimeo video & create a quiz for it. Give it a try! Create a video lesson

By sotheoro

Students are asked to listen and watch the video and answe multiple choice questions or gap-filling questions

By motherof2

In this video students will practice the use of Conditionals 1, 2 in multiple-choice questions, and there are also some adjectives to describe emotions

By Balena

Students have to fill gaps and unscramble sentences with basic vocabulary and grammar.

By b213petersen

At specified points, students stop to listen to a model spoken response about a section of the video. Then, they may respond to a question of their own.

By ACZ81979

This lesson consists of basic listening comprehension and unscrambling basic sentences. It is a video about how astronauts sleep in space, so it can be used as part of a Science class or with teenagers or adults.

By pimenta1

Listen to the lines and choose the crrect answer or complete the gaps with the information youhear.

By ok0710

Watch the short film and fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets

By Karhar

The video stops and asks you to tap the pictures. There are twenty words to tap.

By Amistad72

Students have to check all the correct answers and show their understanding of separable and inseparable phrasal verbs and their meanings.

By mermaid72

The students are going to work with some synonyms and revise some everyday English.

By mermaid72

The students are going to improve their listening skills and revise prepositions after verbs and conditional 1.
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By Drjennie

Students are asked open ended, multiple choice, and fill in the blank questions about a Mr. Bean video.

By mermaid72

The students are going to improve their listening skills and revise Present Tenses.

By mermaid72

The young learners are going to improve their listening skills and practise a structure I'm not a + an object.

By KatOlive

Answer the questions to the best of your ability. Checking for understanding simple vocabulary words and meanings.

By steeltrident

Discussing kindness. What we are trying to do is determine if being kind actually pays off.

By mermaid72

The very young learners are going to improve their listening skills and practise adjectives to describe pets.

By GioFava

A good video to improve students' general comprehension and to discuss their reasons and/or motivation to studying English.

By pimenta1

Video to study the use of past simple, pre-intermidiate. The series is Grey's Anatomy.

By dfrye

Elementary (A1) Students are asked to reply to questions about the colors of animals.

By vlada2104

Some useful ways for kids to say good bye. See you later alligator, Bye-bye butterfly, After while crocodile, See you soon beautiful moon.

By mermaid72

The very young learners are going to improve their listening skills and revise parts of face and colours.

By vlada2104

Learn about the color wheel. Meet Joe who wants to be an artist. Joe has to learn about the color wheel first.
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By Zeeep

Students complete sentences and practices the function of singular "-es" to the verbs in Simple Present Tense according to the video.

By Arhodie

Practice present simple vs present continuous with this interactive video. Where should we use present simple and where it is better to use present continuous? Negations included

By renatastr

Completing the gaps, answering the questions, unscrambling sentences, choosing correct options while watching a video.

By renatastr

Complete the tasks while watching video. Use the Present Simple tense questions .

By finddot

students will answer the questions. the should be able to be part of an English conversation.

By SARAH3322

Mr Bean and his adventures. Mr. Bean starts his new business after he was not satisfied with the pizza he ordered. Practice present simple tense.

By tanagoria

The task is mainly about making predictions as well as introducing and trainin g the constructiuon GOING TO

By jgalvan007

As students watch the video, they have to contribute with their opinions to the questions.

By frtckmz

Students should answer the questions related the scenes from the video with relative clauses.

By frfayzullin

Watch an episode of the Pink Panther and practise forming plural nouns both regular and irregular forms.

By Mrs.Basak

Elementary (A1) A funny video about the five senses, with a variety of questions

By Selma D

Based on the video the pupils will answer question about past perfect and past perfect continuous.