Create an ESL popup quiz around any Youtube or Vimeo video in minutes


iSLCOLLECTIVE's beloved "Fill&Send" feature got a more intuitive design, which both teachers and students are going to find much easier to work with! In this video, we introduce the design and demonstrate how your students can fill in worksheets and send them back to you using the link they generate themselves. Enjoy!

Jo Szoke
iSLCollective Teacher Trainer


In this episode we look at how you can create a prediction game in the interactive video quiz maker and what a finished video quiz looks like when you play it with students. As always, we also share a few methodology tips we have found helpful with these videos and prediction games. The video quiz we use in the demonstration can be found here.


Anna Csíky
iSLCollective Teacher Trainer


Your video lesson could be here ...

Your amazing video lesson

By You

Take any YouTube or Vimeo video & create a quiz for it. Give it a try! Create a video lesson

By carliteacherst

Answer some questions while watching the intro from "The Lion King" (Circle of life)

By teacherestelavera

dialogue for elementary students to talk about food and picnic time. questions and answers

By Jesse_Spain

The students will answer more review questions from Cheonjae's 6th Grade - Lessons 4-5.

By Jesse_Spain

Answer a variety of review questions for Cheonjae's Grade 6 - Lesson 4-5. Includes at least 4 question types.

By joojoo0614

unscramble the words and listen carefully to what is being said in the background of the movie

By TeacherJohnLiang

Describing an imaginary situation that happened in the past using the third type of unreal conditional construction.

By Starrgran

The students are to practice describing a house ad it contents using the appropriate preposition , adjectives etc

By lulu_2018

Watch the video about future tenses and complete the different tasks while watching it.

By YevaB

The task is to listen attentively to the Nick's traffic lights love story and choose the right answers.

By okantosun

There are some basic vocabulary and sentences . Learners should put the words in order sometimes or choose the correct option

By LuisaEs05

Quiz about this, that, these, those and verb to be. Answer correctly what it's asked.
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More video lessons

By FrixonValiente03

Choose the best option, unscramble the words and tap the wrong word; listening activity

By nyah137

Students watch a video and guess what happens next. Can be played in groups of 2-3 where students race to choose A, B or C

By mulixita

The students will practise the vocabulary related to beach holiday (seaside, equipment, usual activities...).

By Lupillon

Watch the video clip we know the way from the final scene of moana movie and answer the basic vocabulary questions.

By Zara_bayram

You will remember the words from the topic "My house". All words are represented in Spotlight 3.

By mydogatemysneakers

Various questions on emotions, predictions, character personalities and opinions.

By Lupillon

Listen to the song and answer the basic, vocabulary based questions about the scene.

By julianagoulart

The goal in this task is to put the verbs in the correct form, writing the verbs in the blanks.

By Lupillon

Watch the video when baby moana meets the ocean and answer some basic questions.

By valeriabal

This task is for kids, to repeat colours, animals, emotions, to improve listenning skills.

By TeachRosie76

Student will practice present progressive while giving or asking directions trough the city.

By mermaid72

The very young learners are going to improve their listening skills and practise everyday English.
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More video lessons

By abareja

Students watch the video and answer questions basing on what they see on the screen.

By IonaGall

Animal vocab (e.g. What animal is it? It's a...) and present continuous actions (dancing, jumping etc.)

By RachelLorraine

Multiple-choice / word scramble. Children to complete basic listening comprehension tasks.

By Al14Via

Students are supposed to watch the video and work with the vocabulary of household chores.

By Vitakorobeinyk

Easy questions for beginners. Ysa/ No questions or put the words in the order activity.

By koszida

Various task for young learners - tapping and multiple choice related to animals

By abareja

Students watch the video and answer some questions basing on what they see on the screen.

By DallasAndMai

Hey everyone! You know you guys can count on me to help you to learn English, right?Good, because today I have a new interactive listening video using the song 'Count on me' by Bruno Mars!This is a listening task, so please listen to the words carefully and be prepared for a question at any time! Please complete all questions Have fun, guys!

By Ania2

Click on items on the screen. Fill the gaps in the sentences. - house and cooking vocabulary

By mongevalen

Watch the video and complete the activities. Review vocabulary from the book. Good luck!

By missapm87

Exercise containing multiple choice questions and also scrambled sentences for beginners.

By RocioSolDelPino

Watch the video and complete the exercises as they appear. You should choose the correct option, fill in the blanks and unscramble the words.