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By You

Take any YouTube or Vimeo video & create a quiz for it. Give it a try! Create a video lesson

By ainmaisarah

Choose the correct answer based on the picture shown. This exercise given to test your memory.

By crystalochka1712

This is a nice video-based task for students of A2-B1 level to practise comparative and superlative adjectives

By Lingmao

Students have to put the words (includes different adjectives) into correct order.

By MissAleksandra


By Sarinhadixx16

In this very first episode of Family Album USA called "46 Linden Street", Richard Stewart is a Photographer and he takes a picture of New York City on a Staten Island Ferry.Richard meets Alexandra Pappas who is from Greece and she is an exchange student. Richard shows Alexandra some pictures for Family Album, U.S.A.Later, Richard leaves quickly and he forgets something. Let's find out what Richard forgets and how he will get it back in this episode - 46 Linden Street.

By bambook

The students are going to revise some useful vocabulary such as weather, nature and activities . Grammar includes Present Simple tense.

By Tani_G

Guess what body part is mention.

By AgustinaP2020

Pay attention: Watch the video and choose the correct option....................

By ProfeColm

Watch the video. During the video you must answer the questions asked or put the words in the correct order.

By pete678

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Season 1, Episode 05 - The Ultimate Great Moth Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Season 1, Episode 05 - The Ultimate Great Moth

By SendvichS

haikyuu academy stars 4haikyuu academy stars 4haikyuu academy stars 4haikyuu academy stars 4
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By Berni287

students watch a video and answer colour-related questions. E.g. Students need to describe what colour certain things on the screen have. Also, they need to tap on the described things.

By lenskyS

To practice the Past Simple with the video The Man Who Lost His Smile with different tasks

By teachernatalie28

Be going to practice for beginners - answering questions, unscrambling sentences and questions

By achivka

A task for our group discussion aimed at improving our listening skills as well as plot comprehension

By ElenaBarroso

Grammar in context. Listening comprehension with grammar in context. Modals of probability.

By albinaflower25

Usage of passive voice in the lyrics of famous English songs. Do the tasks while listening.

By Bssvang

learning words ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

By rexborsky

open questions, multiple choice questions, ordered sentences selections and listening

By mbrugada

Watch this video about rice production and answer the questions. Comprehension activity.

By chenrong

This is a task for reviewing sentence patterns and grammar in the first summative exam held for twelfth graded students in Taiwan.

By kalingliu

This is the part video of making pancakes. We are going to discuss the steps on making pancakes. First, we need to have flour and eggs. Second, pour milk. Next, pour pancake batter into the pan.

By MoiraW

An information video about the planet Mars, focusing on future plans to colonise it.
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By kimireland

Answer the questions with the WH question words. The questions are beginner level and multiple choice.

By Eastwestpy

Learn about secondary schools in Britain, school subjects, school uniform and after school clubs

By ytsys993

Vocabulary task for listening to find out how to introduce yourself and other people

By Eastwestpy

Boarding schools in the UK. Present Simple. Daily routines. School subjects. British schools.

By sashulka97dv

Watch the love story of Shrek and Fiona and choose the correct options connected with love (proposal, marriage, etc.)

By Kathyjoyous

Watch the video and answer the questions. Try to understand the meaning. Discuss the video with your teacher after watching it.

By lucianaberner

Kids Box 2 Unit 3 (to practice whose, 's, what and a few simple questions for children)

By sashulka97dv

Watch the beginning of Shrek 1 and write the Past Simple irregular forms. Also there some feeling (pre-int)

By KatyaLifanova

The students can revise grammar and vocabulary in the video. Also follow-up question can be asked.

By Regina1256

Identify nouns: people, places and things by watching and reading with the video.

By arisetude

Vocabulary booster "daily routine" + training in putting words into the correct order

By Crytin

Listening for information about the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Listen for details about her life including names and dates of important people and events.