In this video we will be showing you why we like How It Should Have Ended For Kids. We're focusing on two playlists: Silly Songs and Fixed Fairy Tales, with some practical ideas about how we use them in teaching young learners. Here's a link to an interactive video quiz at our site for one of the videos from the channel, and here's a link to the channel itself.


Anna Csíky
iSLCollective Teacher Trainer


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Your amazing video lesson

By You

Take any YouTube or Vimeo video & create a quiz for it. Give it a try! Create a video lesson

By Alexandra7413

Watch the video and answer questions and fill the gaps. This is listening comprehention

By digitalbabz

Students take a tour of an apple orchard and listen for prepositions in the narration.

By Simeon091

Can you name and remember facts about these iconic foods across the 50 US states?

By YaniVerrijken

Watch the video and listen carefully! Answer the given questions when it pops on the screen!

By tamerelshater


By tamerelshater


By VCruz21

Revision of adjectives related to feelings (happy or sad), size (big or small) and colours.

By ujig

Watch the video, fill in the gap, choose the correct answers to the questions and put sentences in correct order.

By tanweikeat

Pupils are required to listen to the audio played and select/type in a correct answer.

By mediosdado

vocabulary. Listen and fill the vocabulary words missing. Studentes will be aware of the chat to pick up the words.

By EnglishPrepCamp

Watch the video, do the quiz tasks, and practise vocabulary. Learn about travelling as a way to discover your true self.
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More video lessons

By Ally626

Ask questions about what is happening in the video. It's a Halloween video from The amazing world of gumball. It's a mixed practice

By knewster

The task is to practice possessive pronouns using scrambled sentences and multiple choice.

By kalingliu

Fill in the blanks, find the wrong words, scrambled words, multiple choice and check understanding

By CathyMatulessy

tap according to the instructions and choose the correct beginning letter for the word

By nin993

Vocabulary lesson and Present Continuous review using The Nightmare Before Christmas' song 'This is Halloween'.

By kellymh

Students will unscramble students and answer short response questions about the scene.

By mermaid72

The young learners are going to improve their listening skills and practise Halloween vocabulary as well as action verbs.

By kellymh

Students will unscramble the sentence and answer short response questions about the scene.

By Arvis123

Plants vs zombies garden warfare is a tactical shooter game where you take control of plants or zombies.

By Arzuv

Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous ... Practice Students watch the video and practice these 2 tenses

By LZiankina

There are twelve tasks on Egyptian achievements while learning the topic on Egyptian art.

By maruja

Students will have to answer questions about the city . Answering questions with: Is there? Are there?
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More video lessons

By ktregh

Autumn game. Autumn vocabulary game. watch and guess the autumn items. What is it?

By NatalieChangLS

Pupils are tested on Adjectives, Simple Present Tense, Wh-questions and Can ability.

By stephmur95

Student practice forming sentence with the present continuous through multiple choice, sentence scramble and fill the gap questions.


present simple multiple choice quiz to test the present simple, vocabulary is simple

By amymullock

Choose correct sentence order to practice grammar word order. ..................

By angesc

Students will create sentences using simple past. They will answer listening comprehension questions

By HatchESL Answer the questions based on the video clip. The student may be asked a follow-up question to further their understanding.

By LondonTokyoClass

Mr Bean is at the hotel and has breakfast. He wants to copy the other man while he eats.

By fefenanda

Students watch the scene and identify the charactes´feelings and emotions in multiple choice

By Sashulka97

Watch the cartoon about Shrek and his friends and ask the questions connected to Present Simple

By chanesaunderson296

Video comprehension-Students need to watch the Mr. Bean video and answer questions related to it.

By tamarabecker

Students have to watch the video and answer the questions correctly according to the rooms of the house and furniture.