Listening Comprehension on Depression - Based on a video talk

omaxions July 16, 2017

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Task description & scene summary

I´ve made this video listening lesson for intermediate and upper intermediate students about the topic of depression. The speaker talks about this issue and gives some advice on how to fight it. The test contains different types of questions and tasks: true or false, comprehension questions and gap-filling exercices. I hope you enjoy using this material, whether you´re a learner or teacher. Wait for more stuff!
Scene summary:
Lesson type: Deep listening comprehension - Meaning check ("Do you understand what it means?")
Student types:
Communicative function: how to encourage or discourage people in English
Language exam: IELTS (General)
Copyright license: iSLCollective Copyright License
First published: 2017-07-16, 16:57:57 (GMT+1)

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Video quiz questions (printable)

1) People already know it when they have depression if they really do.

  • TRUE

2) According to Lauren, what is more important than having a boyriend or girlfriend?

  • Meeting many more people.
  • Discovering your own self.
  • Getting married


Fill the gap: You should never feel ________________________ to other persons because difference doesn't make one better

4) How does writing down positive and negative things help you against your depression?

Answer the question using your own words

5) Reading a book will increase your risk of getting more depressed.

  • TRUE


Put the words in order: get both and to clubs friends. you fun chance a new give brand Joining have will social

7) What example does Lauren give about being a negative thinker?

  • Dropping a class
  • Reversing thinking
  • Dropping a pen

8) What does Lauren recommend doing when you truly want to accomplish something?

Answer the question using your own words


Fill the gap: Trying out new things like sports or games can be really ________________________

10) If you're depressed, what kind of friends should you avoid getting acquainted with?

  • The nerdy & boring ones
  • The lonely & depressed ones
  • The sporty & soccer-loving ones

11) Lauren suggests that you’d better not tell anyone if you experience some disorder.

  • TRUE

Discussion questions

1. What are some of the main causes of depression among teenagers or adults?

2. How can a long-standing depression affect one's life and health?

3. Can you suggest some practical ways to deal with this mental illness?

4. Do you remember when you or someone you know have experienced a period of depression? Can you describe it?

Vocabulary list

  • Go on (P. verb): continue happening or existing
  • Validate (verb): Make someone feel valued or important
  • Inferiority (noun): not being as good as someone/something else
  • Stressed (adj): anxious and not emotionally relaxed or comfortable
  • Escape (verb): get away from
  • Mindset (noun): fixed ideas and mentality that someone has
  • Reverse (verb): turn or change in the opposite way or order
  • Accomplish (verb): Succeed in doing something as a result
  • bucket list (noun): a list of things that you want to do before you die
  • Set out (to) (P. verb): begin to do with a particular aim
  • Rewarding (adj): makes you happy because it's useful
  • Seek out (P. verb): Look for and find something with effort
  • Nerdy (verb): Boring and usually not fun or interesting
  • Self-harm (noun): hurting or injuring yourself as a result of mental or emotional problems
  • Escalate (verb): become worse, greater or more serious gradually

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