Mr.Monkey Mechanic (Christmas)

I_am_Katherine December 26, 2017


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Task description & scene summary

Task description:
Check the understanding of the video. Multi choice, scrambled sentences, open questions need to be answered to have some fun watching this video.
Scene summary:
Mr.Monkey Mechanic and other animals help Santa to repair his sleigh. Super Simple cartoon for christmas lesson.
Video length: 7 minutes 5 seconds
Video genre: Cartoon / tale for kids (e.g. Tom & Jerry, Simon's cat, Peppa Pig, Mr. Bean)
Lesson type: Basic listening comprehension - Hearing check ("Can you make out the words being said?")
Student types:
Copyright license: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License
First published: 2017-12-26, 07:30:24 (GMT+1)

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Video quiz questions (printable)


Fill the gap: Mr. Monkey is busy decorating his ________________________ .

2) Hmm...What is missing?

  • a trusty monkey wrench
  • a star
  • christmas lights

3) My goodness who and what could that be?

  • Father Frost
  • Santa Claus
  • Rudolf


Put the words in order: sleigh his in rather is Santa It broken

5) What is the problem?

  • Santa's reindeers don't want to fly
  • Santa can't find his bag with presents
  • Santa's sleigh is broken

6) Tap the headlights

7) Why are they sad?

  • Mr.Monkey doesn't know how to fix the sleigh
  • Mr.Monkey doesn't have time
  • Mr.Monkey doesn't have the tools

8) Which animal is NOT in the crowd?

  • a turtle
  • a crocodile
  • a husky
  • a poodle
  • a chameleon
  • a snake

9) What does Mr.Monkey need before he can get started?

  • his nails
  • his bolts
  • his trusty monkey wrench
  • his pictures


Put the words in order: Let's everyone. do this,


Put the words in order: give little We a to momentum, you need just Santa.

12) What did Turtle give Santa?

Answer the question using your own words


Fill the gap: Thank you, Turtle, you are a very ________________________ little boy.

14) Tap the present

15) Tap the stocking

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